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Exterior of University of Bradford Richmond building.

Leaving a gift in your will

Your legacy, your impact

Leaving a gift in your will to the University of Bradford creates a lasting partnership, through which your generosity will be felt for years to come. You will be able to make an impact on the area that matters most to you, from ground-breaking healthcare research to creating opportunities for students or tackling the next generation of global challenges.

For a confidential discussion about leaving a gift in your will or to receive a brochure, please contact Philip Fisher, Senior Development Manager / 01274 235864

How a gift in your will can make an impact on future generations

Group of students working within the Autopsy and Anatomy Labs

Healthcare of tomorrow

Our world-leading research has a significant impact on key global issues, including Dementia and End of Life Care, Cancer Research, and the Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to healthcare.

Support in these key areas will help to achieve vital breakthroughs and ensure that our research continues to save and improve lives.

Graduating student in cap and gown posing for a picture with #BradfordGraduate prop

Bradford in the community

Through our scholarship programs, we have been able to offer support to students who would not otherwise have been able to come to university.

With your support, we can build a bright future for local young people, one where our students, regardless of background or circumstance, can fulfill their personal and academic potential.

Female student working on equipment in a lab

A brighter future

We are passionate about addressing the major problems facing society, examining them from different angles, and finding solutions.

Your support for this area will allow your legacy to be part of Bradford’s answer to these challenges and will enable us together to create a brighter future.

My decision to give

Bradford Alumnus, James Robertson-Dunn, has included a gift in his will to fund scholarships to enable talented and deserving students the opportunity to succeed.

"My time at university fuelled and set the course for my future career, instilling the work ethic, and building the skills I needed. I honestly believe that I would not have had as happy, rewarding, or successful life and career without Bradford.

"When I studied at university for me it was free. We received a grant, parents were means-tested, so everyone was on a level playing field. These days it is much harder for students. 

"There are people now who would really benefit from an education at Bradford, but either feel like they are unable to come to university or can’t afford to. That is why I have chosen to leave a gift in my will. I want to make sure that my support and my legacy helps, that it really means something, and makes a difference to someone.

"I want to make sure that my legacy helps students to be able to achieve something that they otherwise have been unable to."

James Robertson-Dunn
BSc Civil and Structural Engineering 1973,
MSc Transportation Engineering 1976.

James Robertson-Dunn, alumnus, regular donor and legacy donor to the University

Frequently asked questions

  • If I fill out and submit a legacy pledge form, am I under any legal obligation to leave Bradford a gift?
    No, submitting the legacy pledge form does not put you under any legal obligation to give to Bradford and you are free to change your mind at any time.

  • Do I have to let the University know about my intention to leave a legacy gift?
    You do not have to tell us if you plan to include the University of Bradford in your will. However, to ensure that the University will be able to carry out your wishes, we recommend you discuss them with us. Letting us know your thoughts also allows us to thank you for your generous gift in a way you are comfortable with.

  • Can I add a legacy gift to Bradford to an existing will?
    Yes, you can add a codicil to your existing will that includes the University of Bradford. A codicil is an addition or amendment to a will and is a straightforward way to add another gift or make minor changes to an existing will. Please seek legal advice before entering a codicil to ensure it is properly executed.

	MEng Chemical Engineering Student. Recipient of the Baroness Lockwood scholarship 2020/21

The difference leaving a gift in your will can make

Aysha Khan is a third-year undergraduate, studying MEng Chemical Engineering at the University of Bradford. Aysha was awarded the Baroness Lockwood Memorial Scholarship to support her in her studies and to help her to succeed. 

"I want to thank Baroness Betty Lockwood for her foresight and the confidence placed in future generations of students by her, and her willingness to help students like me achieve my goals. This gift will make my education and career goals easier to achieve and has made a meaningful contribution to my professional development.

“I am truly honoured and deeply appreciative to be a recipient of this award."

Recognising your generosity 

By leaving a gift in your will, you are making an important and meaningful decision that is valued by the University. In recognition of your gift, you will be welcomed into the Bradford Circle.

Every member of the Circle shares a common passion about the importance of access to education, and the reach of our work for the benefit of the wider society. In recognition of your contribution, you will receive a bespoke lapel pin, invitations to Bradford Circle events, and an annual update newsletter.

We are proud to recognise and thank our supporters through the Bradford Circle. Designed to recognise and celebrate the generosity of our supporters, our activities and events ensure you can see firsthand the impact that philanthropic support has on our community.


Contact us

For a discreet, confidential discussion, please get in touch with Philip Fisher, the University's Senior Development Manager. Philip will be happy to meet at your convenience or talk through your wishes over the phone.

Philip Fisher 
Alumni and Development Office
Richmond Road
BD7 1DP 

Telephone: 01274 235864