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KTN: Leadership in SMEs – Are you investing in your #1 asset?

Date and time
Monday 20 June 2022, 18:00 BST to 19:30 BST
Attendance and participation
This is an in-person event.
Profile image of Andy Jekins, rincipal and Co- Founder of My Leadership Strengths

About this in-person event

Did you know that 41% of high growth firms find deficiencies in leadership competencies to be an obstacle to growth? In a hyper competitive post pandemic labour market, small and medium sized enterprizes (SMEs) need to equip their leaders to attract and retain staff, as well as developing the next generation of leaders internally. In this session, Andy Jenkins from My Leadership Strengths will outline the case for leadership development in SMEs, dispel common myths about leadership, and offer a framework to support leadership development in a practical way.

Speaker's bio

Andy Jenkins has two decades of experience developing leaders in the UK and internationally. He runs webinars on behalf of LeedsBID and AD:Venture supporting SMEs to build leadership capability, including ‘Startup Leadership – How to Sink not Swim’. He is a qualified strengths practitioner and works directly with Cappfinity, the global leader in Strengths Assessments, and is a Chartered Member of the CIPD.