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Bradford Inaugurals Lecture Series

The Bradford Inaugurals Lecture series celebrates the promotion of our academics to the position of Professor. This is one of the highest achievements in an academics career; it is a recognition from the University that the academic concerned is operating at the highest level in their field. As such, the promotion is one worthy of celebration by both the academic and the University. The inaugural lecture is a centuries-old tradition; a transition point in the career of an academic, recognising leadership in their chosen field. An inaugural lecture is, therefore, a key milestone in any academic’s career, signifying their promotion to ’Professor’.

Upcoming Bradford Inaugural Lectures

Liz Breen

Professor in Health Service Operations

Previous Bradford Inaugural Lectures

Eva Kipnis

Professor in Marketing

Klaus Pors

Professor of Chemical Biology

Anne Graham

Head of the School of Chemistry and Biosciences

Chris Gaffney

Pro Vice-Chancellor in Research and Innovation

Prathivadi Anand

Professor in Public Policy and Sustainability

Fiona Macaulay

Professor in Gender, Peace and Development

Mostafa Mohamed

Head of Civil Engineering

Julie Thornton

Professor in Cutaneous Biology