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The Together Café

What we want to do...

We want to combine our knowledge and resources 
with people who have lived experiences, so together 
we can create solutions and make a difference locally, 
nationally, and globally.

To help us do this, we are launching the Together Café and we would like to meet with local people to 
discuss, create and deliver activities that will help 
to solve the issues and topics that are important to 

How will we do it...

The Together Café will be a space where people from 
the local community and people from the University 
will come together to:

  • Agree issues and topics that are important to 
    both the University and the community e.g. 
    climate change, safety, community relations, jobs 
    and skills.
  • Create a safe café space to discuss these issues and topics.
  • Create solutions together to help solve these issues and topics.
  • Work together to deliver the solutions or activities.


What we will provide...

We will provide refreshments, organise the cafés, 
bring people from the University and cover the cost of 
the venue in the community.

How you can get involved...

We want to run the Together Café with 
community groups across the city and 
district and hold them at a welcoming space 
in the heart of the neighbourhood.

The dates and times of the Together Café 
will be discussed and agreed together with 
the community group.


Get Involved:

If your community group would be interested in working with the University to 
deliver a Together Cafe, please contact the University’s Events and Partnerships Team.