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Mechanical and Energy Systems Engineering Team

Full list of our team

First name Last name Position Profile Photo
Kavian Cooke Associate Professor View profile for Kavian Cooke Photo of Kavian Cooke
Paul Spencer Associate Professor View profile for Paul Spencer Photo of Paul Spencer
Max Babenko PDRA View profile for Max Babenko Photo of Max Babenko
Felician Campean Associate Dean - Research & Innovation View profile for Felician Campean Photo of Felician Campean
Alastair Wood Associate Dean External Relations View profile for Alastair Wood Photo of Alastair Wood
Khurshid Khan Professor - Manufacturing Systems View profile for Khurshid Khan Photo of Khurshid Khan
Andrew Carruthers Associate Professor View profile for Andrew Carruthers
Phil Coates Professor of Polymer Engineering View profile for Phil Coates Photo of Phil Coates
John Sweeney Professor of Polymer Mechanics View profile for John Sweeney Photo of John Sweeney
Tim Gough Professor of Fluid Mechanics View profile for Tim Gough Photo of Tim Gough
Tahir Khan 50th Anniversary Chair View profile for Tahir Khan Photo of Tahir Khan
Brian Thomson PDRA View profile for Brian Thomson
David Bryant Head Of Mechanical & Energy Systems Eng View profile for David Bryant Photo of David Bryant
Eduardo Munive Hernandez Associate Professor View profile for Eduardo Munive Hernandez Photo of Eduardo Munive Hernandez
Jian-Ping Li Assistant Professor View profile for Jian-Ping Li Photo of Jian-Ping Li
Ben Whiteside Professor of Precision Manufacturing View profile for Ben Whiteside Photo of Ben Whiteside
Martin Priest Dean-Faculty of Engineering Informatics View profile for Martin Priest Photo of Martin Priest
Bana Shriky Post-doctoral Researcher View profile for Bana Shriky Photo of Bana Shriky
Davide Nocita PDRA View profile for Davide Nocita Photo of Davide Nocita
Michael Hebda Lecturer View profile for Michael Hebda Photo of Michael Hebda
Cuong Dao Lecturer View profile for Cuong Dao Photo of Cuong Dao
Aleksandr Korsunovs Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering View profile for Aleksandr Korsunovs
Aleksandr Doikin Post-Doctoral Research Associate View profile for Aleksandr Doikin
Tehmeena Raja Post-Doctoral Microneedles Researcher View profile for Tehmeena Raja
Hailing Harper International Collaboration Manager View profile for Hailing Harper