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Biomedical and Electronics Engineering Team

Full list of our team

First name Last name Position Profile Photo
Mansour Youseffi Reader View profile for Mansour Youseffi Photo of Mansour Youseffi
Peter Twigg Reader View profile for Peter Twigg Photo of Peter Twigg
Raed Abd-Alhameed Professor in Electronic&Elec Engineering View profile for Raed Abd-Alhameed Photo of Raed Abd-Alhameed
Fun Hu Head of Biomedical Electronics View profile for Fun Hu Photo of Fun Hu
Geev Mokryani Senior Lecturer-Electrical Power Systems View profile for Geev Mokryani Photo of Geev Mokryani
Farshid Sefat Associate Professor View profile for Farshid Sefat Photo of Farshid Sefat
John Buckley Reader View profile for John Buckley Photo of John Buckley
Muhammad Ali Post Doctoral Research Assistant View profile for Muhammad Ali Photo of Muhammad Ali
Rameez Asif Post Doctoral Research Assistant View profile for Rameez Asif Photo of Rameez Asif