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Medical and Healthcare Technology Facilities

  • A tissue characterisation laboratory, incorporating an atomic force microscopy (AFM) suite, which enables the nano- and microstructure of animal/human tissue and other biomaterials to be characterised in great detail. This facility enables the physical and biological performance characteristics of tissue to be better understood.
  • A modern cell/tissue engineering laboratory in joint collaboration with the Faculty of Life Sciences for in-vitro culturing of various tissues such as skin, bone, cartilage, muscle, etc, and wound repair.
  • A state-of-the-art human movement laboratory, which enables the movement and gait of patients to be analysed in great detail. In particular, the laboratory incorporates a new VICON motion capture facility.
  • A prosthetic/orthotic joint laboratory containing several state-of-the-art test machines, including a friction hip/knee simulator, for evaluating the performance of artificial hip and knee joints.
  • A human physiology laboratory for evaluating human physiological performance including EMG, ECG, Blood Pressure, Urine and Spirometry tests, etc.
  • A world-class bioaerosol test facility for performing microbiological experiments. This facility comprises a class two negatively pressurised chamber, into which microorganisms can be safely nebulised, thus enabling infection control interventions to be evaluated.
  • An electrostatics laboratory for evaluating the impact of electrical charge on biological and medical systems.
  • Medical Electronics Laboratory equipped for the design and manufacturing of Medical diagnostic devices such as Electrocardiography (ECG), Pacemaker and Heart Rate Monitoring, etc.

Medical and healthcare students also have access to additional Engineering Laboratories for related subjects such as materials testing and characterisation Labs and Workshops shared with Mechanical Engineering U/G and P/G students.

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