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International Experience on an International Platform

Founder and Director for Global Student-Link Advisors Ghana, Samuel Kwasi Awudi, MSc Finance, 2015 talks here about his journey, the challenges presented by Ghanas job market and his determination to succeed.

Samuel Awudi talking to someone at a desk

Samuel at Work

Bradford on a Global Platform

The University of Bradford is truly an institution where world leaders are made and trained to change the world. I felt like a part of a larger university family, given the diverse nature of the student composition in terms of nationalities.  

I had the experience of working as a Student Ambassador (Airport Meet & Greet), part of the international student calling campaign team, and enjoyed speaking to other students about the incredible nature of the University’s student support, rich course structure and the low cost of living in the City of Bradford.

Studying and working with students and the larger University community back in Bradford has really helped me improved upon my communications skills and ability to relate to all manner of people in my student recruitment career as we speak. Deciding to study abroad is another dilemma that students go through right from selection of university through application process down to visa acquisition.

Creating My Own Career Path

Prior to studying at the University of Bradford, l was an account officer at the National Commission for Civic education (NCCE). After graduation, l was looking forward to joining Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), Ghana. This institution is into investigating money laundering and other financial organised crime. l have researched on this organisation for many years before applying for a job there. Unfortunately, l was not successful in my application that very year.

In Ghana it is difficult finding an ideal job because, there are very limited industries. The public sector is full and there are no job vacancies.

Samuel Awudi standing next to sign

Samuel at Bradford

University experience in future job

l am the Founder and Director for Global Student-Link Advisors Ghana. l am excelling in this role because of the working experience l had with the University in during my studies. I did a lot of voluntary works for the University as Hello Bradford as well as Beat the Burglar Campaign Advocator.

Later, I had a paid work as an International Calling Officer. My role basically was to call applicants who have applied to study in Bradford, find out what their concerns are and to provide them first-hand information about studying and living in Bradford.

These experiences gained and coupled with British Council Education Agent Training Qualification has really empowered me to be in control of my job. l am also a member of British Council Global Agent Lists (GAL).

l have decided to go this way because l must make my knowledge work not only in finance but also around marketing, building partnership and students recruitment.

One of the phrases that described Bradford University is Making Knowledge Work.

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