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Poshia, Clinical Sciences student, smiling at the camera.


BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences

Before I was very very shy. I feel like being at university has actually helped me in that way, to like, come out of my comfort zone. I've also developed new skills and learned to know who I am as well.

About the course

"Clinical Science is a bit similar to Biomedical Science, however, we look more at the clinical aspect of the body. So we look at the body in both health and disease. For example, some of the modules that I’m studying, like Pathology, we look at how some diseases affect the tissues within the body.

"We also look at anatomy as well, in year one, we did cadaveric dissections, so we dissect the body to learn about the different organs. I feel like that’s what I enjoy the most of the course. 

"I used the Anatomage room during foundation year and year one to learn about anatomy for when we go for dissections to refresh my memory, I’d just go book the room and then practice with my friends. It was very good because it helped me to see where the organs are in the body and how they all connect together."

A double-image of student Poshia Boateng

Radical Youth

"I'm the events coordinator for a society called Radical Youth, it's a Christian based society.

"We meet every week and then do fellowship on Mondays. We just invite people to come to fellowship and we study the Bible together. We have discussions, sometimes I organise different events like relationship forums, open mic and workshop nights."

Helping others

"I'm doing volunteering at the Bradford Royal Infirmary. I'm a volunteer at the maternity ward, I just help the midwives.

"So if a patient calls for a midwife, I'm the person to go first and ask them if everything's okay and what they need, because if sometimes they just need water, I can give it to them, I can provide that. Then if they need something a bit more in detail, then I call the midwives.

"I do that once a week, every Thursday, I like it, it's something different."

A double-image of student Poshia Boateng

Before university, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life but now I feel like I have an idea of where I’m going and I’ve met some really really good people as well.

this is where

...I came out of my comfort zone

I’ve developed new skills and I’ve kind of like learned to know who I am as well. So like, one of the modules that we do in clinical science is called PPD, so we write a portfolio, we do a reflection on our lives basically, and I feel like, through that module, I’ve actually learnt to know who I am. Because, you know sometimes, you do certain things and you don’t know why you do it but it just comes naturally to you. But when someone points it out, that okay, this is because this is your personality type, it like kind of makes sense. 

I’ve learnt about my personality type. I’ve learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and how I can work on those weaknesses and how I can use my strengths as well. I’ve learnt about like just how to relate with people in general.

I think because it’s a small uni, they know my name, they actually know who I am, but I feel like, if this was a big uni, that wouldn’t have been possible at all. 

A profile image of student Poshia Boateng