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Foundation years

The start you need

Starting university at foundation level will equip you with the high-quality knowledge base and skills needed to progress onto an undergraduate course. 

Our Foundation Years are pre-degree access programmes that provide students with a solid basis for future undergraduate study at the University of Bradford. 

You will complete the year feeling fully prepared to start a degree, having made new friends and feeling integrated into university life at Bradford.

Why study a Foundation Year?

There are lots of reasons why someone might choose to study a Foundation Year, some of these reasons might include:

Taking a leap

If you haven't considered going to university before, have had a break in education or are feeling unsure about how you’ll manage university life alongside existing commitments, whatever your background we know this can be challenging. 

Our foundation years include a module on soft skills including presentation skills, reporting writing and more, helping you get accustomed to the learning and teaching styles used at university so you feel confident and ready for further study. It also gives you the opportunity to settle into university life before committing to further study. 

Not sure what you want to study?

Foundation years are great if you don’t want to commit to a full-time degree because you want to further explore your subject(s) of interest.

If you’re not 100% certain that the degree you’re thinking about is for you, then a foundation year will give you a bit more time to decide, while continuing to develop both personally and academically. You can pick your modules from a range of subject areas, meaning you can tailor them to your wants and needs. Equally, if you have a course in mind, foundation years also give the option to explore other areas of interest that you might not have thought about.

Not sure about grades?

Some courses have specific entry requirements that you may not have (such as an A-Level in Biology or the equivalent), or you may not currently have enough UCAS points to meet the entry requirements for an undergraduate degree.

At Bradford, during the application period, we will take into consideration your work and life experience and any professional qualifications that you may have. If you do decide to progress onto an undergraduate degree, our foundation year has a number of course routes after the successful completion of the foundation year (based on pass marks). 

Your options

We offer different foundation year options depending on your needs, interests and circumstances to help you feel prepared for Undergraduate study at Bradford.

The Foundation Year offers an introductory grounding in your chosen discipline and equips you with the study and interpersonal skills necessary for effective undergraduate study.

Our Integrated Foundation Years give you the basic skills and knowledge of the course that you’re interested in before starting your undergraduate degree.

Our Engineering Foundation Year gives you the skills you need to start an engineering degree if you don't currently have the necessary maths or science qualifications.

We also offer integrated foundation years for engineering subjects. 

I was offered a place on the Foundation Year, which was a good taster of what university life would be like. It's a fantastic entry route. Successful completion guaranteed me a place on the BSc (Hons) Psychology course.

Leanne Hunt, Foundation Year

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Foundation Year

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