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Pharmacy student, Faith stood in the City Park Mirror Pool in front of City Hall in Bradford.


Mpharm Pharmacy

Believing in myself

I read about pharmacy and I got really excited but I thought I might not be the kind of student that can be a pharmacist. 

I underestimate myself a little bit. I'm a smart kid but not book smart, I'm life smart.

My mum said 'you can do a lot more than you think you can. You could jump out there and do it. What have you got to lose? All you have to do is show up.'

I applied through Clearing. Bradford was the first place to call back. 

20 minutes later they called me back and said we'd love to offer you a place. I was like 'oh my god, you did it' and just screamed down the phone. 

Team-based Learning

The lecturers give a scenario to each team and you have to answer the question, explain the answer and discuss it. It's called team-based learning. It's active, it's interactive, and it's exciting. 

Pharmacy is a team effort. It's people talking and communicating and working through things. A patient and a pharmacist agree on something that they're going to do together. It's not about me telling you what to do, it's about me helping you do what's best for you.

My own pharmacist likes to get involved, and I really like talking to, helping and seeing people be better and happier.

Two images of Faith, a Bradford student. One working in the on-campus Pharmacy and the other reading a textbook

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Bradford is where I learnt to see outside of my comfort zone, my family and my culture. You always hear about the food and the music and the performances happening around and about. There are a lot of outside of the box options in Bradford compared to anywhere else. 

Bradford is everybody else and everything else that is going on. I think in my time here, I have taken steps towards a different Faith. 

Bradford is people, Bradford is learning and Bradford is outside of your comfort box.

Getting Involved

I just got involved in everything under the sun because I could just be me and be as reckless and wild as I wanted to. 

I was on the radio, I was on the photography team, I was a cheerleader, I was on the council. I think it's finding a place where you belong. It's very easy to do that at Bradford because there's a lot going on. 

My top piece of advice is to step up and do something. Find what you like doing and do it with other people. There are so many societies on campus that there isn't a time to not be doing anything.

Two square images of Bradford student, Faith. One taking photographs and one dancing.

Creating a moment

I started getting into photography in high school. I have this incredible point and shoot camera. I was seeing all these smiles and laughter and people were just really real. That's what I want to take photos of, people enjoying other people and enjoying their lives. 

Photography lets me explore people's different vibes and different energies when they're getting to be themselves. 

I want to create a moment and a scene. I want the person to live it. I want you to see the real that's inside somebody.

Instagram: @thestoryoffaith

A square image taken by Bradford student Faith, of her blonde female friend smiling at the cameraA square image taken by Faith, a Bradford student of her friend outsideA square image of three of Faith's friends at The University of BradfordA square image taken by Faith, a Bradford student, of her friend posing outside


The unique 5-year MPharm programme has been running for over 45 years and will enable you to undertake your pre-registration training as part of the programme. This means you will leave us as a qualified pharmacist pending successful completion of the GPhC registration exam. We also offer a 4-year programme, where you will need to complete a 1-year pre-registration period after graduation.

Our courses have been designed by pharmacists, educators, students and employers to prepare you for contemporary pharmacy practice and to ensure that you will graduate with the confidence, communication, team-working, and problem-solving skills necessary to achieve your full potential in your future employment.

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A student handling medication boxes out of drawers in a lab.