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Pre-Enrolment Information

The courses listed below require Occupational Health and/or Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance. Please check the requirements for your course and ensure you complete these when requested to do so. If you are required to have vaccinations, it is important to book your appointment as soon as you are asked to do so (this will be by email from Industrial Diagnostics).

Please read the information below and ensure that the Pre-Enrolment Actions are completed before you enrol in person.  Please note once you start your course you will be contacted via your University of Bradford email address, so please check this regularly.

Failure to comply to these requirements could impact on your enrolment and progression of your studies. 

Course DBS Check Required Occupational Health Required Vaccination Evidence Required
BA Social Work (3 year) Yes Yes No
BSc Diagnostic Radiography (3 year)  Yes Yes Yes
BSc Healthcare Science (Life Sciences)(3 year)  Yes Yes Yes
BSc Midwifery Yes Yes Yes
BSc Nursing Adult (3 year) Yes Yes Yes
BSc Nursing Adult (3 year) (Harrogate and District NHS Trust) Yes Yes Yes
BSc Nursing Adult (3 year)(Mid Yorkshire Hospitals) -April start date Yes Yes Yes
BSc Nursing Children's (3 year) Yes Yes Yes
BSc Nursing Mental Health (3 year) Yes Yes Yes
BSc Occupational Therapy (3 year) Yes Yes Yes
BSc Paramedic Science (4 year) Yes Yes Yes
BSc Physiotherapy (3 year) Yes Yes Yes
BSc Public Health and Community Wellbeing Yes No No
MA Social Work Yes Yes No
Master of Optometry (4 year) Yes No No
Master of Physician Associate Studies Yes Yes Yes
MNurse (Adult/Mental Health) Yes Yes Yes
MNurse (Child/Mental Health) Yes Yes Yes
MPharm Pharmacy (4 and 5 year) Yes Yes Yes
MPhysiotherapy Sport and Exercise Medicine (4 year) Yes Yes Yes
MSc Midwifery (3 years) Yes Yes Yes
Return to Practice for Health Care Professionals Yes Yes Yes

Pre-Enrolment - Summary of Required Actions

Occupational Health (OH) - Home and International Students

• Complete your Fitness to Train Questionnaire (look out for an email from AND provide vaccination evidence

• Attend vaccination appointments when invited. You are not expected to attend prior to enrolment if you do not live in the UK.

• The University’s Occupational Health (OH) Provider is the Industrial Diagnostics Company (IDC), part of the Lotus Group. Details about the vaccines can be found on the University of Bradford Occupational Health information. 

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) - Home Students

• Complete the online DBS application form (look out for an email from

• Book an appointment to have your ID verified (only after you have completed the online form).

• If you are registered for the DBS Update Service follow the DBS Update Service guidance.

Police Check - International Students

• Request a police check from your country of residence and email a photograph/scan of this check to once received.

Occupational Health

Actions prior to enrolment

Vaccination evidence

Please check the course table at the beginning of this page to confirm if you need occupational health clearance.

If you need to provide vaccination evidence, request this from your GP (or previous employer if they have administered vaccinations). You can upload this information when you complete your Fitness to Train questionnaire application or you can email it directly to IDC. If your GP cannot provide this evidence please notify us via as soon as possible.

Please do not ask your GP to administer any vaccinations you may need.

Fit to Train

Complete your Fitness to Train questionnaire (look out for an email from

IDC will notify you and the University if you are Fit to Train (taking into account any health issues and vaccinations).

Actions once enrolled

Vaccination appointment

Please attend vaccination appointments as soon as you are invited to do so.  If you can easily travel to the University these may be scheduled before you enrol. 

Fit for placement

Please make sure you action any requests for information and attend all appointments, failure to do so could prevent you from going on placement. 

Contact details 

IDC: / +44 1530 239190
UoB Occupational Health/Vaccination Queries: 1274 232578

For further information, please see our Occupational Health FAQs

Disclose & Barring Service (DBS) information

You are required to complete a DBS check prior to starting the course and the DBS certificate must be issued well in advance of your first placement.

Please complete the online DBS application form as soon as you are asked to do so (look out for an email from, and follow the steps below immediately after you have completed your application to verify the three pieces of identification used in your application.  Your ID needs to be verified in person.  If you are unable to attend the University there is an option to complete the ID check at a local post office. Please see our FAQs below which confirms how to request this.

Verify your ID with the University

Book an appointment to have your ID verified.  Ideally you need to do this before you enrol onto your course.

Attend the University at the time of your appointment and bring the three original documents that you have selected in the application process with you for verification (photocopies cannot be accepted).

Once your ID documents have been verified your application will be sent to the DBS for processing.

Registered for the DBS update service?

If you are registered for the DBS update service (this must be an Enhanced Check for Child and Adult Workforce), you will not need to complete a new DBS application.  Please email your original certificate to and state in the email that you give consent for us to check this against the update service record. We will check your certificate to ensure it meets the University requirements and will then cancel the new DBS application.

Keep your DBS certificate safe

The University is notified directly of the outcome of your DBS check.

If any convictions/cautions are presented on the certificate we will ask you to bring your certificate into the University.

You may need to show your DBS certificate to placement providers during your studies so please keep your certificate in a safe place. If you lose your certificate and require a new one, you will be required to pay the DBS charge (currently £38).

We advise you to register for the DBS update service which will speed up any job offers in the future. You must register for the Update Service within 30 days of your certificate being issued.

Contact details

Prior to starting University: 1274 236088
Following enrolment: Placement team  / +44 1274 232578

For further information, please see our DBS FAQ's

Police check - international students

International students are required to provide a police check from their country of residence prior to the start of their course. Once you are enrolled on your course you will be asked to complete a DBS check during Semester 2 of Year 1.

Each country has their own process for you to obtain a police check/certificate. Please check your country’s process online. If you require a letter from the University in order to obtain the police check, please email to request this.

Once received, please email a photograph/scan of the check to

Occupational Health FAQs

Faculty of Health Studies applicants (who have confirmed their course as their Firm choice) should receive the email by the end of June.

Pharmacy, Healthcare Science and Social Work applicants (who have confirmed their course as their Firm choice) should receive the end by the end of July.

Check your junk mail. If you haven’t received the email, please call the Admissions Office on +44 1274 236088 to notify them.

Industrial Diagnostics Company (part of the Lotus Group) provide support for staff and students at the University.  Their contact details are +44 1530 239190,

If you are unable to access the link or have any difficulties completing the health questionnaire please call IDC on +44 1530 239190. You should use Google Chrome to access the link.

Contact your GP for vaccination evidence or a previous employer (if they have administered vaccinations), they should be able to provide you with a copy of the vaccinations you have been given. If you have been unable to obtain vaccination evidence, please email as soon as possible. 

Before you submit your questionnaire, you will be asked to upload your vaccination evidence.  You can still submit your answers without the evidence if you do not have this in the first instance.  Send any additional evidence directly to IDC at

You will be invited to attend your vaccination appointment by email.  This may be prior to enrolment if you live locally to the University.  The vaccination appointment take place at the University of Bradford campus.

Appointments will be sent to your personal email address. 

Please email the relevant email address for your Faculty:

Faculty of Engineering and Digital Technologies:

Faculty of Health Studies: 

Faculty of Life Sciences:

Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences: 

Alternatively, you can call the Placements Team on +44 1274 232578.


Faculty of Health Studies applicants (who have confirmed their programme as their Firm choice) should receive the email by early July. 

Faculty of Life Sciences and Social Work applicants should receive the email after A Level results day when they have a firmly accepted unconditional offer.

Check your junk mail and if you haven’t received it ring the Admissions Office on +44 1274 236088 to notify them you haven’t received the email.


You need to book an appointment to bring your three original ID documents to the University for verification (photocopies cannot be accepted).  Book your DBS ID check here.

Check the DBS website for what ID you can use, if you’re unable to provide three forms of ID please contact the Admissions Office (, tel: + 44 1274 236088) in the first instance.

If you are unable to attend the University to have your ID documents verified, it is possible to complete the ID verification at a local Post Office. Please note that the Post Office do charge for this service (around £15).

Please email to request that your application is switched to the Post Office ID verification process.  Please note that you will be asked to complete the online application again and, as part of this process, you can select which Post Office you wish to attend.