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Support for researchers

Research and Innovation Services (RaIS) empowers our research community to transform ideas into impacts through their projects.

The RaIS team help you to identify opportunities and apply for research grants, to assure the good, ethical, contractually-sound conduct of research and to disseminate your findings while protecting commercially valuable results and maximising their impact. We can connect you with partners in business and the wider community to find stimulating problems to solve and diverse pathways to impact for your research.

We offer a diverse range of research and innovation skills development opportunities, and strive to ensure an excellent working environment through our strategic development activities which promote the enhancement of our research capacities and facilities within the organisation and with external stakeholders.

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How we can support you

Support is available to current staff and students, Fellowship applicants and prospective staff colleagues seeking to move to Bradford to undertake research.

There is a huge amount of information available designed specifically for the University of Bradford research community on our SharePoint pages (login required).

We can also help promote your projects and successes through the Research and Innovation channels and the University of Bradford networks, and advise you on potential marketing strategy.

Here is an overview of the support Research and Innovation Services provide in four key areas:


  • Workshops and tools to identify funding
  • Resources and help on preparing proposals and managing your project
  • Competitive internal investment funds are available for researchers to get support to travel overseas, shape and build a collaborative research bid and promote your publications. There is a particular focus on international and partner research and early career research development.

Open research and impact

  • Training and resources to support research impact skills
  • One to one support for developing research impact plans in grant applications
  • Support for the development of REF Impact Case Studies
  • Support for Data Management Plans (DMPs) and Data Access Statements
  • Guidance for Open Access Publishing

Personal development

Support is available through the Bradford Researcher Development Framework (BRDF)  (login required)

  • A training and development programme is available for all researchers, with tailored sessions for staff researchers and postgraduate researchers.
  • Opportunities are delivered as training workshops, online modules and one to one support.


  • Applying for ethics approval
  • Applying for patents
  • Spinning out novel ideas into companies
  • Legal contract development

Keep in touch

Contact us in the following ways if you would like more information, and you can follow our LinkedIn company page for regular updates.

Internal research services

There are also services within the University of Bradford that can assist and support you in the course of your research. We have networks and facilities with specialist staff and equipment which can enhance your project outcomes.

Find some of our key services right, and see more about our research centres across the University on our research themes pages.

The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

Frequently referred to as the Researcher Development Concordat, the University of Bradford is a signatory to this national agreement to improve support for researchers and researcher careers in UK HE.


A job at Bradford

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