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Research themes

The University of Bradford has three research themes:

These research themes span our four academic faculties; Life Sciences, Health Studies, Management, Law and Social Sciences and Engineering and Informatics, find details of specific research areas within faculties below.

Health and Care

With a strong track record in health research and a major provider of healthcare practitioners to UK and global healthcare industries our academic vision seeks  to develop new models of health care delivery, health promotion and technology enabled treatment modalities.

This focus will reduce the burden of avoidable illness, reduce health inequalities and enhance the effectiveness of health and care interventions. 

Find out more about our Health and Care research centres and watch and read about our case studies.

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The Engineered Environment

Our innovative engineering research advances the fundamental understanding of engineering and applied science to create technological solutions to real world problems and needs. 

Through engaging in multi-disciplinary learning and research, our undergraduate and postgraduate students develop the creative capabilities that enable them to gain outstanding skills and expertise in engineering design, innovation, management and problem solving.

Importantly, we foster meaningful partnerships with industry and commerce to co-develop and apply our technology, engineering and management expertise.

Watch and read about some of our case studies and find out more about our research facilities related to the Engineered Environment.

Innovative engineering

Sustainable Societies

The academic theme of Sustainable Societies includes innovation and expertise in fields such as sociology, business and economics, archaeology and heritage and peace and development. Our research supports growth in economic, political and relational well-being for current and future generations through globally-relevant resources and initiatives.

Find out more, including videos and stories and information about our facilities and centres of research relating to Sustainable Societies.

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Faculty research

Research at the University of Bradford which makes up these themes takes place across our four faculties, and there's lots more information on the faculty-specific research pages and their specialisms linked below.

Faculty of Engineering and Digital Technologies

  • AI and Visual Computing
  • Healthcare Technology Innovation
  • Advanced Materials
  • Smart Industrial Systems
  • Sustainable Environment

Faculty of Health Studies