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BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

Raul moved to Bradford from Romania to study Biomedical Science. He originally wanted to get into medicine and is now looking to do a PhD.

Raul Fulea, BSc Biomedical Science student

Why did you decide to study Biomedical Science at Bradford?

"Initially I wanted to study medicine so I was recommended to do a Biomedical Science degree as a pathway into it.

"I chose Bradford because it was a good university and there were lots of positive posts in forums about how good the course was here."

What has been a highlight of your time here?

"During my first year, I became attracted to research. My tutor suggested I find a studentship to help me gain insight into what being a researcher was like.

"I did a summer studentship which involved researching the effects of different hormones on joint cells. The outcome of the project has provided a basis of knowledge for the field and I have a publication in progress, along with my supervisor, which will be published in either the American Journal of Physiology or the British Journal of Physiology.

"If I hadn’t come to Bradford I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. It was a turning point for me, I found my passion for research."

University of Bradford student Raul Fulea
If I hadn’t come to Bradford I wouldn’t have had this opportunity

When you first arrived, how did you settle in and make friends?

I made friends through joining the Musical Society and the Romanian Society.

I was Vice President of the Romanian Society. My role was to help the President run the society, he consulted me on all his decisions, including event and parties.

I enjoyed the Romanian society especially because it helped me feel connected to my home country while I was away.

What are your plans for the future?

I have secured a PhD at the University of Newcastle through the Centre for the Integrity of Musculoskeletal Ageing.

I will be working on research closely related to my summer studentship project. It could have a huge impact on how the effects of ageing and osteoarthritis are treated.

The studentship experience definitely helped me secure my PhD place, if I hadn’t come to Bradford I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

Once I've completed my PhD I see myself doing post-doctorate work for a while. I hope to remain in research and one day become a lecturer.

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