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Aira, BSc (Hons) Psychology in 'this is bradford' style.


BSc (Hons) Psychology

First impressions

"When I was researching psychology courses at local universities, I was really impressed with Bradford. Chatting with students at the Open Day, I was reassured that tutors are really responsive and helpful and I've certainly found that during my time here.

"I decided to apply for the BSc (Hons) Psychology course and I am just coming to the end of my placement year. I'm originally from Lithuania but having moved to Bradford as a child, studying here definitely feels like home.

"Not all universities offer qualitative methods modules on their psychology courses and it's something I've found really useful and interesting in my studies. I had lots of opportunities on my placement to use qualitative methods and it was a real advantage compared to fellow placement students from other universities."

There's a huge amount of cultural diversity in the city and even more so at the University. I did not expect to meet such a wide range of people, from so many different countries. That experience has definitely made me more open minded.

Eye-opening opportunities

"The course really opened my eyes to the wide range of psychology disciplines there are. My favourite disciplines were Social Psychology and Neuropsychobiology. I didn't know disciplines such as Moral Psychology existed before starting my studies, but I am now interested in studying it for my dissertation. The lecturers were always happy to answer any questions, even if they seemed really simple to me. This was really important when exploring these completely new areas.

"I feel like I've made the most of the library facilities, especially the quiet study areas. My friends and I found those spaces to be really productive. I also liked the fact that you can borrow laptops from the library as this meant that I didn't need to always carry my own. That's obviously also really useful for students who don't have a computer."

Aira Armanaviciute, BSc (Hons) Psychology

I don't think I would have made it this far without the careers department. It was via them that I found out about my placement opportunity. They have been so supportive, particularly with writing my CV and preparing my interviews. When I was nervous and doubting myself they really reassured me that everything would be fine, and that whether I got the placement or not, the whole process would be a fascinating learning experience.

Professional placement

"I've had an amazing time during my placement year, working as a research assistant on the Born in Bradford project. My role has changed throughout the year which has meant I've done a wide range of tasks like data collection, modelling, process observation and telephone interviews.

"The whole experience really pushed me out of my comfort zone. As a student you can pretty much fit your studies around your social life and other commitments whereas on placement I was suddenly working eight hour days. Although it was a shock at first it came to be one of my favourite aspects of my time on the project. Another challenge that I'm pleased to have overcome was meeting with and dealing with complete strangers. I feel much more confident in those types of environments now and I know that will be an important skill for my future career.

"As someone who did not have work experience in my second year, I was so pleased and reassured to have the opportunity to gain work experience."

This is where

...I expanded my options

"It might sound crazy but I'm really looking forward to my final year dissertation. I've always wanted to create my own research project and this will give me that opportunity. I'm also really looking forward to all my final year modules. This includes advanced issues in neuropsychology, the psychology of health and eating, abnormal psychology, health and intervention and mental health and crime. 

"I'm excited to explore my options after the course. I'd definitely consider applying for some graduate schemes and am also looking at further study, potentially at Bradford, doing a Master's and eventually my PhD. The placement gave me the opportunity to chat with current PhD students and they explained the process of applying for grant funding and the opportunities within academia and I'm excited about where continued study and research might take me."

Aira Armanaviciute, BSc (Hons) Psychology