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Social Work and Social Care

The Division of Social Work and Social Care offers accredited Social Work degrees at both BA and MA level, with high employment rates for our graduates. Social Work degrees offer placements where students gain invaluable experience in relevant settings.

We also offer a BA degree in Working with Children, Young People and Families, which gives students a firm understanding of policy and legislative issues, and the hands-on practical experience needed to be an effective practitioner.

Research in the Division focuses on four strands:

  • Religion, Belief and Social Work
  • Understanding Policy and Practice with children and families
  • Experiences of Service Users
  • The Organisation and Management of Social Work

Our research

Social care is a vital social function and social work is one of the major means by which the state intervenes in personal welfare, yet both are often underplayed and under-researched.

We seek to redress the balance at a time when the importance of social work and social care is re-emphasised as traditional forms of community and family relations are changing. With this, the content and form of social work has changed dramatically over the last decade.

Our work addresses this agenda in four linked strands:

  • Religion, belief and social work
  • Understanding policy and practice with children and families
  • The experiences of service users
  • The organisation and management of social work