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Study Psychology

Preparing you for your Professional Career

Studying with us means gaining a lifetime of expert knowledge, friends, and professional colleagues. Our psychology graduates pursue successful careers, not just in psychology (e.g. clinical psychology) but in a variety of other areas within the public and private sector.  Our BPS accredited courses cover all the interesting and exciting dimensions of psychology such as cognition, personality, development across the lifespan, mental health, and research skills. You will be learning in state-of-the-art laboratories to enhance your psychological theory, knowledge and research skills.

We are staffed by a substantial number of academics of significant international repute.  We also pride ourselves on personally getting to know all our students through personal tutor meetings, small seminar sessions and weekly one-to-one office hours. We have dedicated psychology learning support officers to assist you with your learning and offer additional help sessions for Psychology undergraduate courses.

We prepare students for their future by tailoring our programmes to meet the needs of the modern workforce and the current global challenges with scheduled career booster weeks, peer-assisted learning, work experience opportunities, placement opportunities, career sessions and technical, expert, cutting edge research.

We have a vibrant Postgraduate community; we integrate our PhD and our postgraduate taught students into our learning and research community, providing a gradual set of advanced qualifications and a vibrant interconnected community of psychological researchers.

Psychology students in Oberservation room.

Academic profile

Ronan McGarrigle

When I am not teaching and mentoring, I enjoy conducting research on speech perception, cognition, and ageing. I use a variety of methodologies (behavioural, physiological, and subjective) to measure the ‘effort/fatigue’ often experienced when listening in noisy environments and/or in individuals with a clinical impairment (e.g., a hearing loss). Prior to joining Bradford, I gained wonderful experiences working in a variety of institutions in the US (Vanderbilt University and Cincinnati Children’s hospital) and the UK (at University of York, Manchester, & Chester) as a researcher and lecturer. I joined Bradford because I was excited at the prospect of joining a friendly and vibrant team who value high-quality research and who strive to ensure that students enjoy a rewarding learning experience.

Ronan McGarrigle, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bradford.

Explore our courses

The lecturers were always happy to answer any questions. This was really important when exploring these completely new areas. Aira Armanaviciute, Psychology BSc student

PhD study

The PhD in Psychology will allow you to specialise and undertake advanced research in an important area in psychology.   As a postgraduate researcher you will get to know the academic literature in your field, develop ideas, create ways of testing your objectives, analyse your findings and write-up your research.  Completion of the Ph.D. will be submission of a final thesis and undertaking a viva voce.  You will be guided by your supervisors throughout your Ph.D. journey and training will be available to support you throughout.  See our Psychology Staff team page for staff research interests.  You will have the opportunity to present your research at internal seminars and we are committed to ensuring that you are integrated into the research culture of the Department.

Visit the PhD course page.

Leonnie Cromack

My area of research is the psychology of food and mood. I have been a student at Bradford for five years. Not only have I completed my undergraduate degree here, but I have also completed an MSc and now beginning a PhD I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. In terms of my supervisors on the course, they are there whenever I need them, and they treat me as a colleague rather than a student. As a university, Bradford have been great when helping me achieve my goals as an organisation and a fruitful source of resources for anything I have needed. I would recommend the UoB for studying and would make the same choice again.

Leonnie Cromack, PhD Psychology student at the University of Bradford.
Not only have I completed my undergraduate degree here, but I have also completed an MSc and now beginning a Ph.D. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Leonnie Cromack, PhD student

Student opportunities

Work experience

The Department of Psychology has a number of active work experience opportunities aimed to assist students in gaining employability skills whilst studying. This includes the Psychology research assistant internship scheme, career booster weeks, employability specific modules and a placement year. 

The Psychology research assistant internship scheme is available for second and third year students.  The scheme allows students to apply to work with a named academic over the summer period for a maximum of eight weeks. Students develop and gain a range of skills which contribute to their personal and professional development as well as their future employability and/ or applications for further postgraduate study.

If you would like to discuss any of our employability opportunities, please get in touch by emailing Dr Elizabeth Walters.

Placement Year Opportunities

Second year students may wish to take a placement year between their second and third year.  Interested students can work with the Division, careers service and placement office to locate a suitable placement opportunity.  Spending a year on placement offers students the experience of real-world scenarios and helps them to further improve their employability related skills.

Career Booster Week

We offer a Career Booster programme that aims to give you the opportunity to address and develop your employability and personal skills portfolio, differentiate yourself from your student peer group and future graduate job market competition, whilst creating your own, unique brand to future employers.

In both Semester 1 and 2 you will have a Career Booster week during which you can attend workshops, lectures, seminars, panel sessions and webinars. The sessions will be led by academics, chartered psychologists, external guest speakers and our alumni.

Peer Assisted Learning Scheme

We embed ‘peer-assisted’ learning into our curriculum allowing you to get and give help to your peers as well as from staff. This reflects our commitment to building a friendly, expert community.

Study Abroad

You will have the opportunity to study abroad in a variety of countries with help and support from our international opportunities team and psychology staff. See our Opportunities abroad page for more information.


Your relationship with Bradford doesn’t end at graduation as you join a community of more than 140,000 alumni spanning over 170 countries.

Bradford alumni can access a range of services and opportunities to stay connected with the University and with one another. There are also many ways for Bradford alumni to get involved through volunteering to promote the University, inspire current students, and support our research and development projects.

Find out more about our alumni.