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Simon Gelsthorpe - Emeritus

This is where I write something to make myself look impressive in the hope that people looking at it will value and think highly of me. So I have to say now that I’m not going to list all the many things I’ve done in my career that I now sadly regret, and feel guilty about and ashamed of. Of course I will include things that I feel proud of and that I hope will convince you that I’m a good psychologist. I’m qualified, and HCPC registered, as a Clinical Psychologist and spent over 40 years working in the NHS, finally working as the Head of Psychological Therapies at Bradford District Care Foundation Trust leading a workforce of over 140 staff. I’ve also occupied regional and national roles in the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology ending with a seven year spell as the DCP Treasurer and sitting on the National Executive Committee. I was the DCP’s first national Media Officer and the way we communicate psychological knowledge to the public remains a key interest of mine. In the international arena I am one of the lead staff in Eufami’s  Prospect Project – a suite of training materials relating to mental health which is used across Europe and was originally funded by the EU.

I am a keen triathlete and have represented Great Britain at several World Championships (Age Group) in Cross Triathlon, including leading team GB at the 2016 Championships in Australia.

Of course all the above are in the past and if you’re reading this then you are likely to be considering the future. These days I’m excited at emotion in everyday life and particularly in sport. I’m working with sports coaches to help them be better able to help athletes with emotion in sport. For everyday life, I’m working on materials to help the average person to deal better with their own feelings. If you share these interests please do get in touch – I'd feel very happy to hear from you.

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