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Dominika Pajaczkowska

BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management

When I get homesick, I have my friends here and they help me a lot and actually I’m helping them too. But it’s such a nice stage of my life, coming to another country to study.

Working with people

"Human Resource Management is all about people and everybody says that it is just working with people, their problems and in companies.

"I really enjoy meeting new people and working with them. I cannot imagine myself working without having contact with people, so I thought that’s the best kind of management I can do.

"I really like the fact that I have like three days of lectures, so I could have days for studying and I could have days for work."

A Bradford student with an image of people chatting

Diverse students

"I’ve met a lot of people from different countries and from different cultures. Thanks to this course, I met people from Greece, people from China, from Japan and from Pakistan.

"I think that’s the biggest advantage, that you have the chance to meet people not only from your country and from your culture, you can meet people from all around the world, know their culture, know their religion, like everything. It’s so nice."

Caring lecturers

"I was actually so surprised like positive surprised by the lecturers, they really care if you actually understand something, they really care if we are interested.

"It’s so opposite to things that happen in my country, you know, when you’re attending the lectures there, lecturers don’t care if you understand or not, you just need to be there.

"And here, everybody is like ‘do you understand it, do you want to explain’ like, ‘come after the lecture, those are my office times, you can come whenever you want and ask, you can email me’ and I’m like that’s so nice."

A Bradford student, Dominika and an image of a lecturer
The library is so silent and you can focus there, you’ve got a lot of books, you’ve got computers, you’ve got printers, you can do everything there if you want to study.

this is where

...I became independent 

When I came here, I wasn’t even 19, and you know, 18 years of my life I was living with my parents. My mum was cooking for me, doing everything actually.

Then I came here and like I actually started being an adult it was such a huge difference. I needed to start doing my own shopping, doing my laundry, thinking about myself.

It was so difficult in the beginning, coming to a different country at such a young age, it was difficult but right now I really enjoy it. I was on a short holiday, in Poland, I was there for six days, after like three, I was actually bored with everything. I was like, yeah, it’s so nice to meet my family and my friends, like everyone, but then I was like, here I’ve got my new friends, I’ve got my work, I have things to do. And then it was nice, but I’m used to doing everything on my own.

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