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Headshot of Tatjana in a mac coat, holding a laptop device.


Distance Learning MBA

  • Currently working as an Area Manager for Unite Students.
  • Has been able to apply her learning to workplace operations.
  • Enjoys the flexibility of distance learning.

What made you choose Bradford?

"When I originally started to look into MBA programmes worldwide it quickly became clear that there were many choices and options available.

"However, it was actually my Group Operations Director who recommended the University of Bradford. He himself had graduated with an MBA from the University of Bradford’s School of Management previously."


"Additionally, another one of my work associates was going through her MBA programme at the University of Bradford and spoke highly about the programme.

"The fact that the University of Bradford MBA course also has the triple-crown accreditation played a significant part in my decision to enrol onto this course too."

How have you found distance learning?

"Distance learning has provided me with the flexibility to work through the modules at my own pace.

"Support from the lecturers through to the administration team has been professional and consistent, despite the current challenges faced worldwide due to Covid-19.

"All modules have been delivered on time and with guidance and support throughout. I have found all of the lecturers to be engaging, whilst also building connections with fellow students."

Tatajana sat at a desk with a pen in her hand and a laptop device in front of her.

As a mother, wife and someone working full-time in a very demanding role, having the flexibility to tailor my learning and study time has enabled me to have a good work/life/study balance.

What’s your favourite thing about the course? 

"As a senior manager the course has reinforced my current knowledge, whilst expanding my horizons and challenging my ways of working. The ability to apply my learnings from each module has allowed me to gain better insight and propose new ideas within the company I work for."

Have you felt supported on the course?

"I have been well supported by my tutors who I have found to be very engaging, as well as my fellow students who I have had an open exchange of ideas with.

"Additionally, I have also been supported by my current employers, Unite Students, not only financially but also when needing advice or direction on various modules.

"On a personal note, it has been wonderful to receive encouragement and support from senior members of Unite Students who have shown a genuine interest in my studies and a willingness to help.

"Through my participation on this course, many of my fellow colleagues are expressing an interest in enrolling on future courses."

Headshot of Tatjana.

My journey through this MBA course has been fantastic and I would happily recommend it to anyone looking to further their business management knowledge and expertise.

How has the course helped you in your current job role?

"The course has provided me with the additional skills and knowledge to navigate through the challenging waters of business management. The Distance Learning MBA offers both flexibility and great value for money, whilst providing you with the ability to further your career."

Do you think the course will help you to achieve your career ambitions? 

"The course has already helped me apply various learnings in my current role and I hope it will continue to raise my profile within my organisation and the marketplace in general.

"Whilst my personal life will always take precedence, having a successful career and moving up within my professional setting is hugely important to me as a woman.

"Having the ability to back up everything I do with an MBA diploma will only help me to achieve my ambitions."

Tatjana stood against the corner of a room with her arms folded and head leaning to one side.

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