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MSc Digital and Strategic Marketing

Sravani travelled from Mysore in Southern India to study her postgraduate degree in Bradford.

Her long-term ambition is to set up her own marketing agency.

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Exciting options

"I come from Mysore (also known as Mysuru), a large city in Southern India.

"I have always been passionate and enthusiastic about studying abroad, getting the best education and experiencing a different culture.

"My friend also opted for foreign education, and she had started looking at universities and recommended the University of Bradford." 

I went online to check the Master's degrees Bradford offered in my area of interest, and there were many exciting options.

Sravani Karnam

Triple-crown quality

"I really wanted to progress my marketing skills and I was impressed by Bradford's School of Management.

"What was even more attractive, was that it was one of a few business schools in the world with the triple-crown of accreditations.

"My heart was set on International Strategic Marketing, which was a one-year Master's programme."

MSc student Sravani Karnam with School of Management banner and triple accreditation logos

Bradford's Triple-crown of accreditations reassured me that the quality of the modules would be excellent.

Sravani Karnam

Real-life business projects

"The syllabus across the year has been so varied.

"I love how the programme encourages independent learning through a combination of virtual learning, lectures and seminars. It's a teaching method that has really suited me and the way I study.

"I particularly enjoyed the case study module, which was taught in small group sessions, and we discussed the main theories of marketing and building B2C and B2B relationships." 


The case study module has given me an insight into the practical application of my marketing skills and techniques, and how to incorporate them into real-life business projects.

Sravani Karnam

Valuable skills

"The School of Management really helps international students feel welcome and increases their employability.

"The staff are extremely kind and make themselves available to deal with any problems - from settling in, to guidance with assessments.

"They also organise workshops and events to give career advice, and I really value their inclusion of international students.

"These opportunities have given me some valuable skills such as self-discipline and time management, which will benefit me when I look to pursue my career." 

Close up of MSc International Strategic Marketing student Sravani Karnam in front of plants in the Bright Building

It's a great comfort to know that if I get stuck there's support available from my supervisors. Their advice is so reassuring and a huge help.

A diverse and welcoming city

"Getting to the UK was much smoother than I anticipated. I only had one month to get prepared but the University helped me with my flight bookings and visa application.

"Accommodation was easy to find online, and I decided to stay in private housing close to the University.

"Bradford is a diverse and welcoming city and I've felt at home here - and the traffic is easier and there's much less pollution!

"The people are friendly and if ever you feel homesick, you will almost certainly be able to share your experiences with friends from your home country."

The School of Management has a multicultural feel about it, and it makes you appreciate the diverse world we live in.

Sravani Karnam

A turning point

"I went to a graduation fair last year, and this was a turning point for me.

"I realised that I genuinely wanted a career in marketing, and it made me appreciate that there were opportunities for graduates in the UK.

"And that's my plan - to stay in the UK once I've graduated and look for suitable work experience and employment.

"My longer-term ambition is to set up my own marketing agency, perhaps in about four to five years, and develop my own portfolio of clients and projects."


MSc International Strategic Marketing student Sravani Karnam in front of plants in the Bright Building

I see myself as an entrepreneur, and the Business Leadership and Business Economics modules in my programme have made me feel confident that I can achieve this.

Sravani Karnam

Dream decision

"Spending time abroad during my studies has been a great way to develop myself, have exciting new experiences, and gain a competitive advantage with future employers."

Coming to Bradford was a dream decision for me and in my opinion, studying is one of the best opportunities to experience a different country.

Sravani Karnam

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