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Headshot of Sneha next to a bush.


MSc International Accounting and Finance

  • Has been involved with the School of Management's Career Booster Programme.
  • Volunteered as a Career Booster Ambassador to promote the programme.
  • Secured a scholarship to study in France as part of her course. 

Why did you choose Bradford?

"I have always been enthusiastic and passionate about studying and working abroad to experience different cultures, hence I wanted to make sure that my degree is recognised worldwide.

"I also wanted to progress my financial skills and was really impressed by the courses provided by Bradford’s School of Management. What is more, is that it was one of the few business schools in the world with the triple crown accreditation."

Sneha stood outside the School of Management building.

My heart was set on the University of Bradford as it is known for having one of the best Bloomberg labs, which helps students mix theoretical knowledge with practical projects, which is vital for a career in finance.

What are your favourite things about your course?

"My course has given me the opportunity to make friends from around the world, obtain a scholarship to go on an exchange programme to France’s Toulouse Business School to learn about risks in finance, and read books and articles written by Noble Prize winners for my coursework and pleasure.

"I have also enjoyed our tour of PwC's Leeds office where we met people from different backgrounds and learnt about their experiences."

How has your course helped prepare you for employment?

"The programme was very up to date with modern topics and was assessed by a mix of written examinations and applied coursework that required the use of specialist computer software.

"The programme helped me to develop team building skills through real-life case studies, group projects and multimedia presentations, which is vital for understanding how to combine different perspectives into a unique solution.

"And last but not the least, the practical classes on RStudio and the Bloomberg database were interesting and relevant to the skills I needed to upgrade, which are fundamental to my future career in finance."


Sneha with arms folded in front of a white wall.

How have you been involved with the Career Booster Programme?

"I learnt about the Career Booster Programme through the UBU (University of Bradford Union of Students) website and was fascinated that for a week students could learn any skill that they wished from professionals in that field.

"So I decided to become a Career Booster Ambassador to promote this week through workshops, in-class shout-outs and social media presence.

"As a student I found the programme fascinating and made sure to attend as many sessions as possible.

"The lecturers are kind and amazing and are willing to give the students their undivided attention if they are not able to understand the topic. They are even willing to stay in touch with students after the programme and guide them to develop the skill in the future."

A large group of Career Booster Programme participants gathered in front of the University's re:centre building.

As a Career Booster ambassador, I was able to meet people from different faculties and increase my connections. I even made friends with people whom I would not have met if not for the programme.

What's your favourite thing about the Career Booster Programme?

"The Career Booster Programme helps students from all departments to take a week off from their studies and learn skills that are otherwise not provided on their courses.

"What is more, there is no restriction to what a student can choose. For example, I could choose a lecture on psychology or SAS, while my friend who studies forensics could choose to study how to operate the Bloomberg database, which was fascinating."

How would you describe your time as a student at Bradford?

"My time in Bradford has been truly amazing and memorable and I would highly recommend this course to aspiring students.

"Although my course was just for a year, Bradford has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities and experiences."

Sneha leaning forward in front of some greenery.

For people thinking about becoming a student at Bradford, I would like to say that the people here are very friendly and exciting and will help you make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

What are your plans for the future?

"In the short term, I have secured an internship in Italy through the University's Erasmus programme, however, my long-term plan is to work internationally in Europe and Asia.

"I also plan to do another degree that specialises in FinTech or Big Data Science and Technology from the University of Bradford in the near future."

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