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Shabeel and Farzanah sitting together outside in a park.

Shabeel and Farzanah

MBA Distance Learning

  • Shabeel and Farzanah are a husband and wife living in Mauritius
  • They are both studying the Distance Learning MBA at the University of Bradford

How are you finding the course so far?

Farzanah: “We started the MBA in 2018 and the course is working so well for us. Despite Covid-19, our learning hasn’t been disturbed, and we’ve continued our studies with a mix of online lectures, seminars and team group discussions.

“A real benefit is that the programme is tailored to give you the flexibility to fit your studies around your professional and personal commitments. With Shabeel and I both having busy, full-time professional jobs, this has been so important and it’s encouraging to study together and share our knowledge with each other.”

MBA student Farzanah Maudarbaccus sitting at a table using a laptop

The University of Bradford is recognised internationally as having one of the most reputable distance learning business programmes in the world. It has enabled us to continue our studies without having to relocate out of Mauritius.

Farzanah Maudarbaccus

Which aspects of the course have stood out so far?

Shabeel: “In the first year we covered a lot of the basics and this helped build the foundations of the course. More recently, we got the opportunity to form our own specialisations with the offered modules. This has allowed me to concentrate on the modules I would like to focus on, and over time they will be very valuable as I progress and build on my career.”

Farzanah: “One of the best things about the course has been the opportunity to learn about areas which have a direct impact on the work that I do and may influence my future work - especially around report writing and project management.”

A laptop screen showing business related content

How have the University and academic team helped you?

Shabeel: “The academic teachers are very knowledgeable of not only the content of the modules but also how to deliver them through distance learning.

"The feedback on coursework and exams has been constructive and helped me improve my skill set. Although I’m part of a small tutorial group, I have a dedicated tutor and librarian who’s available for one-to-one guidance and support. All the team are very approachable.”

Farzanah: “From the very start, the teaching and support team made it clear that they were available via email and telephone if I had any questions or concerns, and I’ve found everyone to be very responsive and helpful whenever I’ve needed them.

"The distance learning service at the library is fantastic, and having 24/7 access to textbooks and academic journals has been crucial to my success on the course. I feel that my studies are so well-supported and everything I might need can be accessed from here.”

What are the pros and cons of distance learning?

Shabeel: “There haven’t really been any cons! Even though we are studying from our home country, we still feel like we are part of a diverse, supportive and international community and that has been a very positive experience.

"On the other hand, some may view it as restricting and lacking in social contact, but that hasn’t affected us at all.

"This course, and the style of teaching, has really suited us and our personal situation.”

MBA student Shabeel Maudarbaccus sitting at a table with his arms crossed

Sometimes distance learning can feel quite isolated, but the online team have been very welcoming and the sharing of experiences with an international network of students has been very positive.

Shabeel Maudarbaccus

Have your studies impacted your current role?

Farzanah: “The modules around Circular Economy, Technology and Leadership are very specific areas to learn, and having this advanced knowledge has certainly given me an advantage in the workplace.

"I believe managerial roles in Mauritius are more achievable with the experience of an accredited MBA.”

Shabeel: “By studying this course at Bradford, I feel very confident that the course will open up a far wider range of job opportunities for me in Mauritius and will have an instant impact on my career prospects.”

Would you recommend the distance learning MBA?

Shabeel: “Absolutely yes, go for it! There are no barriers with Bradford’s distance learning courses and I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone looking to develop their skills, knowledge and career development.

"The tuition fees are affordable – especially if you’re able to obtain a grant – and I can speak for both of us, that this course completes our learning.”

Farzanah: “My experience to date has been excellent; I’ve already learnt many new concepts which will be useful for the future.

"There’s an outstanding support system in place at Bradford, and I’m looking forward to the months ahead before Shabeel and I graduate next year.”

MBA students Shabeel and Farzanah Maudarbaccus sitting together outside

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