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MSc International Business and Management

  • From Mumbai, India.
  • Previously studied a Bachelor's in Business Administration at the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, Dubai.
  • Has been involved with the School of Management's Career Booster Programme.
Sapna stood in front of some greenery.

What attracted you to the University of Bradford?

"The University of Bradford is known to host students from various parts of the world and I wanted to work alongside people from different cultures.

"The course that I chose, International Business and Management, had modules that would help me understand how to work better in the business world.

"Modules such as Cross-Cultural Management and Principles, and Practices of International Business have helped me recognise the various customs and values in different cultures and how we need to work with them to be respectful and efficient."

Sapna stood in front of a bush and trees.

The University of Bradford School of Management has a triple-crown accreditation that displays its commitment to quality in teaching and developing its students for success in academia and careers.

What is your favourite thing about the course? 

"My favourite thing about this course was that all questions asked in class were valid and the academic literature was supplemented by debates in classes such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which was about how much responsibility firms should take on any issue. This created an engaging experience for me which was fresh and exciting."

How has the course helped to prepare you for employment?

"The course was very well-rounded and due to this, there are many career possibilities for me in varied sectors across a spectrum of industries. The grounding aspect of the course was that it did not focus on just one aspect of business but was an amalgamation of all the necessary elements in business."

The course challenged us to think outside the box on several occasions.

How have you been involved with the Career Booster Programme?

"I have been with the Career Booster Programme since October 2019 and have been involved in promoting the Programme through in class shout-outs and at pop-up booths."


"We helped students choose the correct skills classes that would be relevant for their course and also worked as guides for the programme leaders, making sure they had the materials and equipment they needed for their sessions."

How have you found your time on the Career Booster Programme?

"It introduced me to soft skills, not just the hard skills that would be needed to succeed in the workplace.

"I was able to take classes for SAS and SPSS which I really wanted to learn. I attended classes for interview skills too which proved to be very informative.

"It presented me with the opportunity to look into other skills that I wouldn’t have necessarily been able to get, such as skills classes for basic psychology, and management consulting classes."

Sapna sat on a stone bench in front of some greenery.

The Career Booster Programme was very helpful for me in realising the skills I needed to develop for my course.

What’s your favourite thing about the Career Booster Programme? 

"The Career Booster Programme helped us to interact with industry experts and make further connections with any mentors if we wanted to. It also gave us the opportunity to ask any questions that we had about their field of expertise and the chance to clear up any pre-existing doubts that we had on any subject."

How would you describe your time as a student at Bradford?  

"Although my course was very short, as it was covered in one year, I actually had fun watching and sometimes participating in any debates in class.

"The ambience in the classrooms is very warm and the Faculty is quite helpful and often sympathetic to students, which was greatly appreciated.

"The University of Bradford has students from all over the globe and so the class was very diverse and opinionated, in a good way, which made classes that much more interesting as everyone was able to contribute."

Above the waist shot of Sapna stood in front of some greenery.

The student life is very lively with various trips organised for international students to places across the UK. And on regular days, students often hang out at the University bars or in the restaurants and shops in Bradford.

What are your plans for the future?

"I am quite interested in management and organisation positions in firms. However, I also found the CSR classes very interesting and may pursue higher education in that field. Management consulting has always been a field that I've found engaging and challenging and I would love to pursue that path as well."

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