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Said head and shoulders with a bush in the background


MSc Advanced Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Said is originally from Afghanistan
  • He is working on his thesis project
  • His long-term goal is to help develop the energy infrastructures of his country


"I chose this course to expand my knowledge of civil engineering for reaching two of my goals.

"In the short term, I aim to expand the capacity of the biggest hydropower dam in my country.

"I used to work as a civil engineer, building a new power substation for the Naghlu Hydropower dam in the east of my country from 2016 to 2019.

"It was there that I found the existing capacity of the dam is not enough to hold all the water coming to the dam reservoir, and a substantial amount of the water was being wasted through the dam spillway.

"If there is a way to raise the dam barrier wall to expand its water holding capacity, the dam will be able to produce roughly 40% more electricity. I did not have the required knowledge for proposing a plan to the Ministry of Water and Energy for expanding the dam."

"Currently, I am working with my hydraulics professor Mr. Jaan Pu at the University of Bradford to study the behaviour of water flow in open channels, which can broaden my dam knowledge of engineering a great deal. As a result, I will be able to start my research on the expansion of the mentioned dam and submit my plan to the government.

"In the long term, I will form a team of civil engineers to study the capacity of all existing rivers in my country and develop a practical plan to harness the rivers for producing electricity.

"Currently, our government pays way too much to the neighbouring countries to import electricity. If we can use the full capacity of our existing rivers in the country, we will have a renewable clean source of energy and my country will be self-sufficient in energy."

Because the University of Bradford supports its alumni after graduation, I will be able to keep networks with my professors who are active in research, to have their support for my future long-term goals.

Why I chose Bradford

The syllabus

"I researched the syllabus of the civil engineering Master’s programmes at six universities in the UK.

"I found the University of Bradford’s programme for civil engineering very compatible with my goals. The subjects covered in the Master’s programme at Bradford are exactly what I wanted to learn as a civil engineer. I had offers from four other universities and chose Bradford."

The engineering laboratory

"Bradford has a big water lab and great facilities to experiment on complicated engineering problems.

"During my course, I experimented on the behaviour of the complex structures under dynamic earthquake loads with state-of-the-art equipment.

"Also, I conducted many experiments on studying the surface profile of the hydraulic jump, which is one of the complicated problems in fluid mechanics."

The professors and academic staff

"Most of the professors are research-active staff and can transfer the most updated knowledge of civil engineering to students.

"For example, in the first semester, I along with my classmates were taken to visit the A19/A184 Testos junction improvement project in Liverpool, to investigate the geotechnical works of the project. It was very helpful for me and I learned about the modern soil investigation for civil engineering projects."

The library and educational resources 

"In the library, the shelves are full of books of any kind and the quiet area allows me to concentrate on my studying. I can book a room to discuss group assignments with my classmates, and I can use desktops connected to the internet or borrow a laptop to work at home."

Social clubs and activities

"From soccer clubs to tennis, and from swimming to archery - you name any sports or social club and Bradford finds a place for you. Currently, I am an active member of the University water polo team.

"Social events at the University are unique - the student parties before and after exams, freshers’ week events, and regular weekend parties in the Amp Bar are all memories I will never forget."

Alumni support

"By studying my Master’s programme at Bradford, I became a lifetime member of the University union.

"They will support me by every means possible for making a successful career. They taught me how to look for jobs, make a CV, and get ready for job interviews. Also, I will get a significant alumni discount for future educational programmes at the University."

The laboratory experiments that we conducted as part of our programme have helped me to understand the complex problems in civil engineering. Moreover, the site visits of ongoing projects have helped me to get familiar with modern construction activities.

My favourite things about Bradford


"The cultural diversity of the University is something that I cannot find elsewhere. I have seen students from all over the world at Bradford. I've made friends with students from the United States, Colombia, Egypt, Japan, France, Poland, Germany and Iraq."

Cheap living

"The cheap cost of living in Bradford city is another favourite thing. In comparison with London, Manchester, and other cities in the UK, Bradford is cheaper to live in. There are reasonable houses to rent and cheap restaurants."

Student Said Tamimullah Said Lal Shah standing with his arms crossed in front of a bush

MyBradford student support

"The MyBradford service, which provides support for students, will always remain my number one favourite thing about the University.

"I cannot explain enough how excellent the service they give for international students is. They are very responsive, very kind, and they are ready to go out of their way to help you.

"When I wanted to apply for a Schengen visa, MyBradford was there to help me. They provided me with a letter from the University confirming my enrolment and as a result, I got my Schengen visa."

A student receiving support from a MyBradford advisor

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the University supported me with my second-semester exams a great deal. The Vice-Chancellor regularly sent emails about my situation, and she did whatever she could to support me with my exams.

A story of success

"I have a lot to say to those who want to pursue their higher education at the University of Bradford. In brief, Bradford will help me to reach my goal one day, and it will help every one of you to reach your goals.

"Be ambitious - the rest will be a story of success."

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