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School of Management Postgraduate Exchange Programme (MA)

  • Studying Supply Chain Analytics and Technology Management, Strategic Marketing and Coaching and Leadership Development from various areas in the School of Management such as Supply Chain and Logistics, Marketing and HR
  • Travelled from Egypt to study at Bradford as part of the ERASMUS Exchange Programme
A profile image of student Nadia Maamoun

What made you choose to study at Bradford?

First of all, the reputation of the Business school and it being triple accredited has been a strong motivational aspect for me. Secondly, the modules themselves were very interesting and I knew I would benefit a lot from them, especially since I hadn’t had any modules like them in my home university.

What is it like to do postgraduate study at Bradford?

I truly enjoy it because it completely focuses on getting the students to know what businesses really need and how to make the best use of what they’ve been learning in real life.

What are the differences between studying undergraduate and postgraduate?

I believe that currently, undergraduate studies are mainly concerned with teaching the concepts, theories and just delivering the knowledge. But the main concern of postgraduate studies is to link that knowledge with the professional field of work and getting the students to be qualified enough for the business needs. 

The ability of the Masters, MBA and other postgraduate programs in building the person’s capability to use their knowledge in developing and improving business processes in all fields, has been very apparent throughout the past periods.



Nadia Maamoun

What are your career plans once you've finished postgraduate study?

For the time being, I’m not quite sure. There is a possibility that I would proceed with my postgraduate studies in an attempt to take a PhD degree.

Aside of being a lecturer in Cairo University, business departments, I am intending to use what I’ve learned in the Supply Chain Analytics module for consultancy to firms in my home country, which is highly needed. I also have plans to introduce the simulation for marketing in my home university, similar to the one we used here at the University of Bradford. I even started contacting people who are already in the HR field and would be interested in communicating the importance of coaching in organisations.

How do you think your course will get you where you want to be?

I think that the course has given me an opportunity to come up with developmental ideas, that I didn’t even have before. I think that especially because of the analytics module, I would have a privilege in working anywhere I want since it is a highly needed and growing area worldwide, and of course in my country.

What is the best thing about studying at Bradford?

First of all, the environment is quiet and people are very nice. The whole student life here is so motivating because of the variety of activities available, the continuous trips, the hikes held and the events organised by the international students’ union.

There is continuous and prompt support and care from both administrative staff as well as academics. The teaching methods are so engaging, which is truly interesting. And finally, the workshops held to boost the skills of students were truly brilliant and it helped a lot indeed in empowering one’s skills. I felt safe in general and enjoyed my experience very much. I truly gained a lot from this experience.