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MBA Distance Learning

  • Graduated in summer 2019
  • Solutions Director for a global IT consultancy and outsourcing company
  • Based in London, and studied part of the course from Saudi Arabia
Muzibul Islam, distance learning MBA graduate summer 2019 profile image

Why did you decide to study your MBA at the University of Bradford?

I chose the MBA course for my personal satisfaction and to add another level of reassurance in my career.

My primary reasons for choosing Bradford were flexibility, since I'm in a full-time occupation, and the structure - I was fascinated by how the course was structured and the flexibility around it.

I felt that the University had taken into consideration that students were in different regions. During my studies I was working out in Saudi Arabia, and I was able to work and travel while studying.

Muzibul Islam, MBA Distance Learning

Did you enjoy distance learning?

I did, especially for the access to the tutorials which covered all the key principles of the course, which I found interesting.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with peers all around the globe.

What support have you received from the University?

Each of the course tutors were very helpful in terms of responding to queries.

There were opportunities to submit drafts of work before the final assessment, which helped to guide me towards the overall target of a project. This was particularly helpful around the final management assessment - my tutor was very helpful in shaping the direction and content of my project.

Also, we were able to post our interests and queries to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and others who had faced similar issues were able to contribute.

The VLE was very easy to use - the platform changed from Blackboard to Canvas during my studies, and I was able to pick it up quickly.

The flexibility of the course allowed me to balance study with work and family life. I've got a big family, demanding job commitments, and I also like to travel, but I found that I didn't need to compromise any of that.

Muzibul Islam, MBA Distance Learning

How does it feel to be graduating?

A sense of achievement. My primary reason for studying was the personal challenge of how I could do this while also balancing all the other responsibilities I have.

Also, I had been out of the academic scene for 20 years before I started studying the MBA, so that was another challenge.

Really, it's about personal fulfilment and a sense of achievement that I've done it.

Muzibul Islam, distance learning MBA graduate summer 2019 profile image

How did you feel about going back into education after 20 years away?

Initially, it was difficult, but this is where the flexibility of the course and the guidance of the tutors really did help. In my job I read and write a lot of reports so that wasn't a problem. It was academic writing that was different, such as issues around citations and the style of writing.

The support and guidance were there though, especially from the Learning Centre at Bradford.

What are your future ambitions?

Well, first I'm going to celebrate with my kids!

Then I may think about how I want to stay connected to academia and continue learning, and look at how I can make use of the degree in my professional life.

Any advice for future MBA students?

Just go for it.

Set yourself a target. It's about organisational skills as well, which are helpful in life - in work and in family, so get organised and just go for it.

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