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MSc Logistics, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management

Why I decided to study this programme

"I decided to study this course because it's not just on one specific topic - it uniquely covers three topics together: supply chain, logistics, and data analytics. That really stood out for me.

"I also discovered that there were very few Master's courses in the UK linked to all three topics. I enrolled on the course when it was first launched. Very soon, in the first semester, I knew I had made the right decision.

"The course is designed in such a way that it introduces you to the fundamentals of supply chain management, logistics and data analytics. It's ideal for people with little to no knowledge of these concepts previously."

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Coming to study in Bradford was a no-brainer for me. The triple-accredited business school has a rich heritage and a great reputation.

Mohammed Abaid

How the course has helped me at work

"I'm working at Asda House, Leeds, as a supply chain analyst. I'm currently managing baby products. I look at forecasts, look at last year's predictions and predict what's going to happen this year. Gaining in-depth knowledge and skills in data analytics on my course was really useful, and has helped me conduct analytics work here at Asda.

"Studying the course has helped me get used to the data analytics systems I use at work. I use software such as Retail Link, which is internal software to Asda. I'm getting information from the past two years and finding out what my predictions are going to be for the next year. I'm looking for trends, and I also look for certain trends that are not going to come again.

"Learning about 'descriptive, predictive and prescriptive' analysis on my course has helped me a lot as well - studying how companies look at their previous year's sales and predict their forecast for the next couple of years.

"There are not a lot of people who I'm working with, who have done a degree in supply chain and data analytics together. Some have done a degree in data analytics, and some have done a degree in supply chain.

"I can go in and say that I've done it on both, so people can learn from me, as well as me learning from them. We can share our knowledge."

The course has a practical, scenario-driven and real-life focus, which has given me the confidence to stand up in front of senior managers at Asda and deliver presentations.

Mohammed Abaid

How the course has helped me stand out from the crowd

"During the semester I started applying for jobs and was already able to secure two jobs as a result of my degree.

"When I applied for the first job, I wrote down that I was doing my degree on supply chain and data analytics, but I didn't write down logistics by accident. When I went to my interview and mentioned that I was doing logistics as well, they were impressed with the broad range of topics I had covered.

"The interviewer said that I stood out because I was studying a complete degree which covered key concepts. Some people who were applying didn't have a degree in supply chain, and if they did, they didn't have a degree in logistics and data analytics - they've got one or the other - so I was certainly able to differentiate myself from the rest."

MSc Logistics, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management graduate Mohammed Abaid in front of plants in Bright Building

If you're thinking about studying Logistics, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management, I'd say don't hesitate - go for it, because it will make you stand out from people across the UK

Mohammed Abaid

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