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MA International Relations and Security Studies

Juliet is a fully-funded MA Rotary Peace Fellow from Uganda.

She’s undertaking a 15-month study programme at Bradford’s Rotary Peace Centre.

This is her story:

A privilege

“I’m extremely privileged to have been offered a place on the fellowship, as The Rotary Peace Centre only supports ten places from global applicants each year.

“Choosing to study outside my home country was a big decision, but it’s also an exciting prospect, and applying to Bradford to develop this opportunity was certainly the right choice.”

“I’m based in the Department of Peace Studies and International Development at the University, which is the world’s largest university centre for research on peace studies, conflict settlement, and development.

“There’s no better place to continue my academic training and research, and I’m committed to the fellowship so I can advance my professional development in the field.”

Welcome Team support

“The fellowship covers tuition fees, my accommodation at Bradford, my travel from Uganda to the UK, and all study expenses.

“I arrived in Bradford in January 2021, accompanied by my daughter, and the process from start to finish has been so well-supported by the University’s Welcome Team.

"The staff were on hand from my first contact with the University, right through to my travel to the UK and introducing me to the Fellowship programme."

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Gaining the skills to promote social change

“The programme brilliantly blends all the different fields of peace studies and security studies, which are my main areas of knowledge and interest.

"It gives you the practical skills needed to promote social change.

“I have full-time experience working in this context in Uganda, which was a requirement of the Fellowship application, but I’m keen to learn more about the risks and vulnerabilities of my work in other fragile states.

"The programme will help me address this and ultimately prepare me for working with other countries impacted by disasters and conflict."

A vibrant and diverse community

“Through my studies I’ve met a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and ages and this really helped with my transition when I first arrived in Bradford.

"There’s a real family of peace fellows, old and new, and this creates a vibrant community spirit and support network. I’ve been impressed at how the University brings people together.

“I’m using my summer break to focus on my dissertation but also to explore more of Leeds, York and the Yorkshire Dales with my daughter.”

A head and shoulders photo of a person leaning on a wall and smiling.

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