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MSc Logistics, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management

Joran completed his undergraduate degree at Iva Business School in the Netherlands, and came to Bradford to complete his MSc.

This is his story:

A fantastic year at Bradford

“The University where I did my degree in the Netherlands had a partnership with Bradford, which is how I became aware of the postgraduate programmes on offer. It made applying really easy, and when I got my place, I moved over and spent a year at Bradford doing my Master’s.

“I’m now back in the Netherlands as I have secured a job, but I’ll never forget my year in the UK, it was fantastic.”

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Combining business and tech

“I chose my course for several reasons. I’d covered supply chain management in my business management degree, which I really liked, and supply chain and data analytics are huge right now, and both growing a lot.

“I also wanted to try something on the edge of technology and business, and my MSc offered the perfect combination of both.”

Developing my skill set

“I enjoyed the data analytics part of the course most. It was something I hadn’t done before, and it really developed my skill set in that area.

“I got to use the SAS and R data analytics software programmes, which allow you to input and visualise data, and I got to code in R, which was brilliant."

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The course covered lots of interesting topics, including emerging issues in logistics, supply chain management at a strategic level, and procurement fundamentals. It gives you a wide breadth of knowledge.

Joran Laisina

My NHS research project

“As part of my dissertation, I did a research project for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT). The organisation had launched a digital innovation programme in their plaster care department to help improve patient satisfaction and relieve staff pressures.

"I researched the impact it had on patients and the BTHFT itself, which helped me put into practice what I’d learned during my MSc. The University sometimes receives these research projects from organisations, and it’s a great opportunity for students to get extra experience.”

Gaining skills for my dream job

“My MSc played a key role in enabling me to secure my new job as a business analyst for Deloitte in the Netherlands, as it’s related to what my studies were about. The technology side of my course, particularly the data analytics, connected well with the job and made me stand out.

“At the start of my course, I joined the PWC diversity mentoring programme, which I found out about through the University. My mentor helped me a lot, explaining what skills I needed for certain roles, and helping me to apply for the ones I was interested in."

Competition is tough for consultancy roles at big firms, but my course, combined with what I’d learnt on the mentoring programme, helped me a lot.

Future plans

“In my new role, I’ll be using SAP software and working on big projects with large multinationals who want to implement the software in their organisations.

“In a few years I’d like to progress to senior consultant level, and this role will help me develop the skills I need to do that.

“I’d also like to work abroad in the future. Studying at Bradford was such a fantastic experience, and it’s something I’d like to experience again in a professional capacity.”

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Making new friends

“As a lot of our learning was remote due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University set up a lot of Facebook groups for students before we started to help us get to know each other.

"It meant I got to know the people I’d be living with before I even got to the UK, which made me feel much more comfortable when I arrived."

Socialising in a pandemic

“The pandemic made us more creative; we couldn’t just go out to bars and clubs to socialise, so we had to think of other ways to get to know each other.

"We often had nights in at our accommodation, where we’d gather together and each bring a dish from our home country. It meant we got to know each other on a more personal level."

I grew a lot as a person while I was at Bradford. It broadened my horizons and helped me mature.

Living at The Green

“The Green, which is the University accommodation, is such a friendly place. Everybody living there has two aims – to get their qualification, and to make friends. Everyone was really open and interested, so if you start conversations with people, friendships will follow.

“Even though a lot of my learning was remote, living at The Green meant I still got to meet fantastic people from all over the world and develop my cultural sensitivity."

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My advice for Master's students

“Time management is really important – you need to ensure you keep up with everything and stay on top of your studies. Your work is your responsibility, so embrace it and you’ll learn a lot.

“Also, never be afraid to ask questions; the lecturers are all so helpful and will answer any questions you have. Plus, asking questions shows you’re genuinely interested in and committed to what you’re studying.”

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