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MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Ifeanyi is originally from Nigeria and travelled to the UK to study our innovative new MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics programme.

This is his story:

Introducing Ifeanyi

"During the last five years, I have lived (and studied) in three countries – Nigeria, Japan, and the UK, in that order. My academic background has been in marine life sciences, fish physiology, to be precise.

"But, for a long time, my interest has been in number crunching and manipulation, statistics, data, and emerging technologies.

"I lacked the relevant skillset that would enable me to explore this path of interest, so when I saw the advert for the new 'conversion' MSc program in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics at the University of Bradford, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands."

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Preparing for a future in AI

"Over the past 12 months, this MSc program has been transformational. It has helped unlock my inner craving to actively participate in this emerging area, and has been instrumental in charting a new career path for me.

"Through the program, I have gained a tremendous amount of skill in artificial intelligence, particularly in the area of machine learning/deep learning, on which my capstone dissertation is based. Before this program, I did not know much about artificial intelligence or machine learning."

New opportunities

"It is fascinating, that within this short period, I have transitioned from being a novice to someone with a considerable amount of confidence in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning tools in solving complex data problems.

"I have also been equipped with coding skills in the Python and R programming languages. These new skills and knowledge have consequently opened new opportunities and possibilities for me."

New skills and experiences

"We were exposed to a wide range of data analytics tools and programming languages, including SAS Enterprise, Tableau, AWS cloud services, and Python.

"More importantly, we were given holistic and solid background knowledge coupled with transferable skills. As a result, it becomes possible to transfer and utilise the skillset in other areas almost effortlessly.

"For example, in the summer I undertook a short Health Data Research internship role at the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit of the University of Cambridge. The data analytics skills and background knowledge gained from this MSc programme enabled me to perform brilliantly during the placement.

"Also, due to the skill and knowledge gained from this MSc programme, I have been able to secure a one-year data scientist internship position at the University of Leeds (Leeds Institute for Data Analytics)."

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Non-STEM students

"This program is crafted to engage and accommodate graduates from diverse backgrounds. The lecture sessions are designed and delivered in an easy to grasp format, with plenty of discussion forums for students to learn from each other.

"The faculty members are proactive in obtaining feedback from students about their learning experience and are swift to adopt the best approach to enhance the student learning outcomes. Ultimately, the classes are designed with the students' best interests in mind."

A diverse cohort

"The diversity of the programme is quite heartwarming, both in terms of academic and ethnic diversity.

"My prediction is that this programme and others like it will produce a surge in skilled AI graduates from under-represented backgrounds.

"This will, in turn, topple the issue of the under-representation of some groups within the AI field, and hence encourage more flourishing talent."

A smartly dressed person standing with arms folded in a bightly-lit indoor space.

The programme is aimed at graduates from underrepresented fields – it's designed to accommodate everyone. This has made it possible for me to transition to a career path that I now immensely enjoy.

Ifeanyi Chukwu

Greatest achievements...

"I would say my greatest achievement so far in the course is the completion of my capstone dissertation, which is based on machine learning using biological data. To have leapt from a total novice to submitting a 12,000-word dissertation in machine learning, including hundreds of lines of Python codes, is a great achievement for me.

"Additionally, I have submitted nine coursework projects of about 35,000 words cumulatively. Writing this amount in a short period has had a transformative impact on my entire scholarly being.

"Another anticipatory great achievement for me will be to graduate with a distinction. My other modules have been fine, fingers crossed for my dissertation to come out fine as well."

...and favourite moments

"Thanks to COVID 19 most of the lectures were on Zoom, but we were able to have some face-to-face classes as the situation allowed.

"A favourite moment for me was when we debated in one of Dr Craig's face-to-face Safe AI lectures on the topic "Should humans be used for experimentation or not?" in relation to self-driving cars.

"In those face-to-face sessions, I enjoyed meeting my cohorts and assigning bodies to the faces I'd seen on Zoom."

My advice for prospective students

"Do not hesitate - this will be one of the best investments you make. There are plenty of opportunities, room for growth, and great things waiting to explore in this outstanding field of AI.

"You do not have to worry if you lack STEM background knowledge and skills, just come with an open mind and the willingness to learn. The excellent faculty members like Dr Kamran, Dr Takao and Dr Craig and a host of others, will give you the best support that you need to thrive."

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