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MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

God'sfavour is from a small city in Nigeria called Warri. She is a graduate of English and Literature from the University of Benin in Nigeria. She has a background in teaching and has also worked at an oil company.

Tell us about yourself

Can you tell us a little about yourself, your background, your ambitions, and why you decided to study this programme?

"I am known to be very inquisitive and passionate about various endeavours.

"I applied for Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to begin a career in IT and to build a better business world with the use of emerging technologies."

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One of my greatest ambitions is to be involved in incoming technological innovations.

A future in AI

How does the programme prepare you for a future in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics (DA)?

"By introducing the ethical challenges surrounding AI, presenting DA and AI techniques for efficiency and effectiveness in the business sector, and by covering modules such as big data, programming with python, and use of tableau for data visualisation.

"In addition, management modules are introduced to equip students with knowledge of running a business and starting one."

Coming from a non-STEM background

Applicants to this programme do not need a background in STEM subjects. How does the programme support students who come from non-STEM subject backgrounds?

"The programme is structured to accommodate both STEM and non-STEM background applicants by running at the same pace, which was great for non-STEM applicants like me.

"Necessary support and materials are readily available for students for prior study before and after each class."

What practical, hands-on skills have you learnt over the course of the programme so far?

"I have been able to work with Tableau, a tool used to visualise data in a more interactive way for non-technical analysts to comprehend.

"I have also been able to use Python to visualise data, and run a few machine learning, data analytics and AI projects."

Tutors are always willing to assist students outside of class hours.

Students from under-represented backgrounds

The programme is aimed at graduates from backgrounds often under-represented in the field of technology, including AI. Have you benefited from this, and if so, how?

"Yes, I have benefitted and am still benefiting from the programme.

"Since it is a conversion course, it has allowed applicants from different backgrounds to have access to the benefits and potential of DA and AI, and to utilise their experience and knowledge from various fields ranging from medical to art.

"This brings to light the need for technology in these areas."

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A diverse cohort

Can you tell us about the diversity of the cohort?

"Students in this programme come from different places in the world.

"I have worked in group projects with students from different parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa. This has enabled me to experience different business cultures and ways of approaching problems.

Advice for future students

Do you have any advice for students who are considering studying this programme in the future?

"Certainly - it is best that incoming students apply with an expectation to learn, and to not assume its difficulty level before applying. Certain knowledge of mathematics would be beneficial.

"Introducing oneself to the concepts of DA and AI and learning through online platforms can hasten and lighten the task ahead."

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