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Headshot of Fahim next to a river with trees and stone buildings in the distance.


Executive MBA in Dubai

  • Fahim is originally from Pakistan and lives in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • He is studying at the University’s Regional Hub based at Knowledge Park, Dubai.
  • He works for the Aga Khan Foundation (AKDN) as a Chief Internal Auditor.

Why I chose Bradford

“Initially when I was looking at universities it was the foundation’s CEO, a Bradford Alumni himself, who recommended Bradford as a great place to learn.

“Further research reassured me that the MBA programme offered greater flexibility in terms of face-to-face learning, as well as excellent online support.

"The triple crown accreditation and the fact the course is ranked top 10 in the world by the Financial Times for ‘Value for Money’ were other obvious considerations.”

Fahim wearing a suit jacket, shirt and shades, stood in front of a flower bed.

From the very start, my experience has been amazing; learning from a hugely diverse international campus with people from different industries and sectors, as well as from many geographic locations.

Blended Learning

“I frequently travel to the Dubai campus for block teaching, which takes place over a long weekend, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting back to a classroom setting after being away from any formal education for over a decade.

"The teaching blocks are spaced about five to six weeks apart, but the professors are brilliant and continue to engage with you even when you’re not on campus.

"The programme offers a great blend of online, self-paced study and classroom interaction. The personal interaction enables you to stay focused and gives the human touch we have come to cherish so much during these tough times."

"And yet the flexibility of the course ensures modules can be taught through distance learning and effortlessly studied online if necessary.

“Whichever modules you choose, they’re engaging, professional and reflect real business scenarios.

“One of my modules (Competitiveness through Technology and Innovation) was taught jointly by two professors, and that was a great experience as both professors were simultaneously in the classroom and they really complemented each other with their insight and knowledge.”

The course offers a wide variety of core and optional modules, taught within state-of-the-art facilities, and the peer to peer learning has been the hallmark of the programme.

Practical application

“My university education has already impacted my work and helped me implement a lot of new learnings into my workplace.

"I recently spearheaded the implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management Framework at AKDN, the importance of which was underlined during many of the MBA modules. I do feel like the programme has been designed with my future employability in mind!

“I hope the MBA will fast-track me further and give me the essential skills I need to progress to leadership and regional roles within my organisation or the wider non-profit sector. I think the programme has already helped broaden my horizons, provided me with a different landscape, and improved my financial understanding and thought processes."

Headshot of Fahim stood in front of an airplane.

“I would recommend Bradford, and specifically this course, to absolutely anyone who is considering broadening their professional development. You won’t regret the investment you make in your education, and Bradford truly justifies its elite and top-ranking position.”

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