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MBA Distance Learning

Diego Zaccariotto, a distance learning MBA student profile image

Why did you decide to study an MBA at Bradford?

I reached a point in my career where I felt I needed to gain some new skills in order to progress and to be more successful.

I identified an MBA as the best way to gain those skills in a short time frame.

Initially, I researched all the universities providing such a course. I chose Bradford due to a number of factors, such as the Financial Times ranking, the overall cost of the course, the course content, and the fact that it is fully online.

I was able to pay the tuition fee in multiple instalments instead of paying for everything upfront. Also, the University provides all the books that are required, in digital format, with no need for additional costs.

Diego Zaccariotto, MBA Distance Learning

What is your current occupational role?

In my current role, I'm empowering people and delivering proven results, by ensuring resources are assigned appropriately to enable the success of our networking customers.

I'm responsible and accountable for operational targets and for a portfolio of enterprise-level customers and account managers.

I advocate for our customers within Citrix, protecting the value of their investments and adapting our technology to the latest releases and roadmaps. 

Do you enjoy distance learning? What are the pros and cons?

I definitely enjoy distance learning and, for me, it was the only available option.

I wanted my degree to be taught in English, and moving to the UK to attend an on-campus course was not an option.

Distance learning provides full flexibility on when I want to dedicate time to my studies, and it allows me to move on with my course without impacting my job.

It is a bit more challenging to exchange thoughts and experiences with fellow students and teachers though, as the face-to-face part is missing and is replaced with emails and online discussion.

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How have your studies impacted your career?

The MBA is already providing some results. After the courses on finance and digital marketing, I proposed a new service to the company, with a full financial analysis, investment appraisal, and initial strategy, and it's currently being validated for implementation.

This new project acted as an accelerator for a recent promotion.

In the future, I want to take bigger roles where I can influence and craft the strategy of the company I'll be working for. I'm also evaluating the possibility of starting my own business.

Diego Zaccariotto, MBA Distance Learning

Do you have any advice for future distance learning students?

Be sure to properly plan and execute on your studies. Distance learning provides a lot of flexibility and, due to the lack of formal lectures at specific times, you'll be fully responsible for your schedule - no one will be doing that for you.

If you are studying for an MBA, be prepared to study more than you think. The pace is fast, the amount of skills and notions you need to acquire is massive, and the time is limited by your job and family. Stay focused!

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