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MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

With an undergraduate degree in Media Studies from Istanbul University, Cisem was particularly interested in the expanding themes of data analytics and AI in the modern world when learning about digital marketing. 

She knew she wanted to explore a career in digital marketing. Recognising that she lacked a technical skillset and knowledge of working with data, she set about searching for a Master’s programme that would help her fill her knowledge gaps and make her stand out in the field.

This is Çisem’s story.

The skills I need

“I come from a non-technical background.”

“During my degree in Media Studies at Istanbul University, I learnt about brand management, advertising, media management and PR.

"I felt drawn towards a career in marketing because of these classes, and quickly realised how important data is for marketers. We need data to make informed decisions about marketing strategies and how to target customers. 

“I took a gap year and decided I wanted to further my studies in this area at a UK university and gain more technical skills and abilities."

“I was working at an international education fair when I met the recruitment team from Bradford.”

“I wasn’t thinking about AI and data analytics as a course route at all, but when I spoke to the team about my interests and career ambitions, the Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics MSc course came up.

"In the one-year duration of the programme, I’d get all the new technical skills I’d need to make me a more rounded marketer, and I didn’t need a technical background. It was a no-brainer. 

“After researching the University and Bradford as a city, my mind was made up. I started at the University of Bradford in September 2023.”

This programme is unique in that it takes you from zero to one hundred in skills – so don’t be worried about not having a technical background if you’re considering this course.

A unique programme

“The course has exceeded my expectations."

"There’s a great balance of non-technical and technical content to keep us interested. I’m particularly enjoying learning about how to use AI responsibly, which is so important as we are the generation that will be leading the use of AI in the future.

“Also, how data analytics applies to real life workplaces – we’ve been working in S.A.S. labs, which are all about applying our business intelligence and advanced analytics skills to real life business scenarios.

"I’ve even surprised myself by getting to grips with blockchain technology.”

Cisem, student of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics MSc

I’ll stand out in front of colleagues without technical skills, which are now a key desirable in marketing job descriptions.

In a good position for employment

“I will have the skillset necessary for the future of marketing.”

“I’m focused on expanding my tech skills, so I’m in a good position for employment when I graduate.

“I’d like to use my new skills to propel myself into a career in international education marketing; I’ve studied abroad at various times throughout my life, including Canada, Germany and now the UK, so I’m passionate about the opportunities it provides young people.”

“Bradford is the perfect city to study in.”

“It’s not too big so there are less distractions, and the location is perfect to explore – you’re so close to bigger cities like Manchester, Leeds and York. It’s also budget-friendly.

“I feel very welcome here, it’s a university full of international students like me who live on campus.” 

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