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MBA Distance Learning

Alan Godfrey MBA student profile hero image

Why did you decide to study an MBA at Bradford?

After contemplating undertaking an MBA for a few months and thoroughly researching the numerous online distance learning courses, for me there was only one real choice.

The feedback from past students, the high regard that the Financial Times held Bradford in, the blend of modules, the focus on the digital business world, plus the obvious return on investment made Bradford my first choice.

What is your current occupational role?

I work for an organisation called AEI who have actually given me a training bursary for the MBA.

We support UK and US companies who are doing business in Saudi. We offer a range of services that facilitate entry and growth in a number of markets, and help our clients maximise their specific business objectives through bespoke strategies.

Part of each client's strategy is the provision of experts from the local labour market, and Western subject matter experts to oversee operations. My business unit provides these on a bespoke basis to several well-known multinational companies.

All our clients are somewhat aligned to the Saudi Arabian government's key 2030 strategy, and with our help clients are able to support the government with their vision of creating a healthier, happier and more prosperous nation.

Since I started the MBA, I've been able to support my colleagues holistically a lot more. New duties and responsibilities have included promotion to the senior management team, leading on the digital transformation of the business and putting into place a new onboarding/induction process.

Alan Godfrey, MBA Distance Learning

Do you enjoy distance learning? What are the pros and cons?

On the whole, distance learning suits me.

I am out of the UK for four to six weeks at a time and would find it hard to make regular lectures or visit brick-and-mortar libraries.

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of the online course is the vast digital library that Bradford has.

Summon, the online search tool, rarely fails to find the articles or journals I'm looking for. On the rare occasion they are not online, Summon always offers a plethora of alternative texts.

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What support have you received from the University?

We have bi-weekly webinars and live lectures. They are usually scheduled for two hours but almost always run over due to the lecturer staying online to answer any questions. This is particularly useful near assignment time.

So far, each of my lecturers has been approachable and supportive and has taken time to answer any questions to broaden my knowledge and understanding. 

I have also made use of the student support services.

I have dyslexia and at 39 it has been a huge psychological barrier for me when considering re-entering education.

University as a 19-21-year-old wasn't very enjoyable, but I do have to say that the support, friendliness and approachableness of the student support team at Bradford has helped me overcome this.

I am looking at entering into a Chief Operating Officer role within the next two-to-three years, and I have already spoken to my employer about a development plan to achieve this. I feel the MBA is critical as it enables me to prove to my peers and colleagues I am gaining the necessary knowledge to take this step.

Alan Godfrey, MBA Distance Learning

Do you have any advice for future distance learning students?

The University of Bradford has invested heavily in a range of tools and support services aimed at enabling distance learning students.

I would urge people to use Summon and Pebblepad, and reach out when you are not sure how to use a system or process. Most importantly, make use of the discussion boards.

As a distance learning student sometimes you feel like you are on your own, but a quick chat to other students shows that you are in the same boat, and problem-solving becomes a whole lot easier as part of a group.

There are several people on my course that have given me priceless advice and I hope a few feel the same about me.

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