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Dr Afshin Shahi

Dr Afshin Shahi

Associate Professor in Middle East Politics and International Relations

Expertise: Climate change and conflict, sectarianism and political Islam

Afshin Shahi has provided comment for breaking news programmes such as BBC Breakfast, BBC News at Ten, BBC News at Six, BBC Radio Four PM, BBC Five Live as well as Sky News and ITV News. 

He has  been invited to high profile national and global panel discussions such as ‘Inside Story’ (Al Jazeera) and ‘Beyond Belief’ (BBC Radio Four). He has also contributed to ‘File on Four’ Documentaries. 

Dr Shahi has also contributed to international publications including Forbes, The Washington Post, The Conversation, Asia Times, Al Jazeera Magazine and Yahoo! News. He is a council member for the British Society for Middle East Studies as well as associate editor of the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

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