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Covid-19: keeping our campus and community safe

We are returning to a full on-campus experience for the new academic year, this means our students can:

  • attend in-person lectures on campus
  • meet friends to study and socialise
  • talk with tutors face-to-face
  • take part in sports and fitness activities inside and outdoors
  • use our library and other facilities

To keep each other safe, everyone in our campus community is asked to act responsibly and be considerate of others, this means:

  • Getting both doses of the vaccine
  • Wearing a face covering – particularly in enclosed or crowded places where you may come into contact with many people. We want everyone to feel comfortable wearing a mask on campus*
  • Giving others space
  • Getting tested for Covid-19 before leaving home, on arrival in Bradford and then regularly afterwards
  • Mixing outside if possible or letting the air in if indoors
  • Cleaning or santitising hands regularly
  • Isolating and seeking a PCR test if you are feeling unwell

*Just as you need to wear a face covering in hospitals and clinical settings, it may be mandatory for you to wear a face covering when engaged in clinical skills simulations or activities unless you are medically exempt.

Campus safety

What we’re doing to keep you safe on campus and how to keep yourself - and others - safe.

Campus life

What we’re doing to give you the best possible student experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teaching & learning

What we’re doing to ensure you receive a high-quality education in a safe and welcoming learning environment.


Find out what to do if you have COVID-19 symptoms and the current number of reported cases at the University.

Health information and support

The University of Bradford is commited to ensuring all our staff, students and visitors feel safe on campus which is why we've made information available on advice and guidance.

Your wellbeing is our priority

We've put together a range of support, guidance and resources to help keep our community safe:

Public health information

Get the latest information, guidance and resources on Coronavirus from public bodies:

Testing for students and staff

We still need to remain vigilant and be mindful of our actions in order to limit any further spread of the disease – it is, therefore, important to note that social distancing, mask wearing, and testing guidelines remain in place.

The Government is providing home testing kits to students and staff to increase testing uptake and help limit virus transmission.

Upon return to campus, all students and staff are encouraged to take three supervised tests (three to five days apart) at an asymptomatic testing site on campus - this is currently located in the Great Hall in the Richmond Building. Booking can be accessed via this link.

After this, students and staff will also have access to home testing kits throughout the summer term through both the Government’s offer of free rapid LFD tests twice weekly to everyone in England, and ‘University Collect’ services, under which universities will distribute tests from communal locations on campus, such as libraries. This is in addition to the onsite testing already offered.

All tests will be free, and all students and staff who test positive from an LFD test will need to self-isolate for 10 days, unless they receive a negative PCR test within two days.