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Experts in Politics

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Dr Mohammed Qasim

Visiting Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences

Expertise: Gang culture, race, identity, structural racism, inequality, deprivation, Bradford riots


Professor Paul Rogers

Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies

Expertise: Changing causes of international conflict, Terrorism and political violence, Environmental conflict, Middle East security, Arms control and disarmament, Middle East; Persian Gulf

Middle East, Politics, Security

Professor Christoph Bluth

Professor of International Relations and Security

Expertise: International security, nuclear weapons policies, weapons of mass destruction.

International relations, Middle East, Politics, Security

Professor Fiona Macaulay

Professor in Peace Studies and International Development

Expertise: Brazil, criminal justice systems, prisons, human rights, feminicide, police and politics, gender-based violence, police reform, police training, women in politics, Brazilian politics

Latin America, Politics

Professor Owen Greene

Professor of International Security and Development

Expertise: non-proliferation and disarmament, regional security, conflict prevention, climate change, ozone depletion, sea pollution, Europe, East Asia, West Africa, South Asia

Environment, International relations, Politics, Security

Professor Prathivadi Anand

Head of Peace Studies and International Development

Expertise: environmental economics, sustainable human development, right to water, institutional economics, governance, accountability, China, India

Economics, Environment, Politics