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Uncovering the secrets of the Black Death - watch now


Two people examine a skeleton in a lab

A TV programme about the black death featuring a University of Bradford expert is now available to watch on Channel 5.

Dr Jo Buckberry, from the award-winning School of Archaeological and Forensic Science, shared her expertise with fellow archeologist Raksha Dave and presenter Dan Snow for a programme which uncovers the shocking story of the Black Death, which devastated Britain 700 years ago, killing over three million people - half the entire population of Britain.

Dr Buckberry shows how clues hidden within the remains found in burial grounds, as well as how and where they were buried, can tell the story of a mediaeval person's life - and death. 

The University of Bradford’s School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, which was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize in November 2021, is well known for its world-leading work in developing archaeological technology and techniques and its influence on practice, policy and society, with their work recently featuring in best-selling magazine Current Archaeology, as well as expert appearances on several other TV productions. 

Professors Chris and Vince Gaffney from the University will also be part of a special guest lecture series discussing ground-breaking discoveries near Stonehenge on March 21. The brothers will present the details of the deep pits discovered at Durrington Walls, close to the famous landmark. The lecture will take place in-person at the University, as well as online, and is open to the general public.