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Archaeologists discuss lost treasures on new Sky History series


filming for Cursed Treasures

University of Bradford archaeologists will appear in a new Sky History Channel series, Cursed Treasures, starting on Wednesday (June 28). 

Professor Andrew Wilson, Chair of Archaeological and Forensic Science and Professor Karina Croucher talk about fascinating discoveries including Ötzi, a 5,300-year-old mummy who was found by two German tourists in 1991 in a glacier in the Italian Alps, the famous Easter Island statues and the frozen child mummies unearthed on Mount Llullaillaco, near the Chilean border, in 1999. 

Professor Croucher said: "The interview also covered Lindow Man - an Iron Age preserved 'Bog Body' discovered in Cheshire in the 1980s, and the statues (Moai) from Easter Island (Rapa Nui), discussing archaeological research, what the Bog Bodies and Moai mean to people today, and narratives that have been told and mis-told about these inspiring and intriguing discoveries. We also managed to turn my (less-than-pristine) office into a mini filming studio."  

Filming for Sky History series Cursed Treasures

The History Channel series looks at the treasures mankind have created throughout history to celebrate and revere their leaders, many of which have been plundered, hidden or lost to time. 

Expeditions have been mounted to search for the great treasures of the ages, from the Valley of the Kings to the depths of the Aegean Sea, but the pursuit of these objects “sometimes came at the ultimate price.”

  • Cursed Treasures is on Sky History or History UK on 28th June: Cursed Treasures | Sky HISTORY TV Channel 

still from new Sky History series