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Theatre in the Mill presents... Wish You Were Here


A cartoon depiction of a school bus, a bicycle, a wall mural and a telephone

From Friday 19th - Sunday 21st August, Theatre in the Mill presents... Wish You Were Here. Where technology and creativity meet. In collaboration with BD Festival, we invite audiences to take a stroll through the blooming University of Bradford campus where Theatre in the Mill is situated.

At Wish You Were Here, you’ll experience virtual reality bike rides, a large-scale installation featuring binaural sound technology and animation, an empowering outdoor photographic gallery, and an intriguing sound installation about connection. You’ll find everything you need to know on Theatre in the Mill’s website

Wish You Were Here consists of four parts:

A sketch showing a school bus with students on and around the busCartoon depiction of a wall mural featuring a person and a dress

A cartoon depiction of  person riding a bicycleA cartoon depiction of a telephone

Bussing Out

Bussing refers to an educational policy impacting South Asian, West Indian and African children who migrated to Britain in the 60’s or 70’s from former British colonies. Shabina Aslam combines her PhD research, recorded interviews and an immersive installation to tell this piece of lost history.

You Heard Us

You Heard Us is a public art project created by writer, performer, and creative practitioner Luca Rutherford alongside Bradford photographer Nudrat Afza. It is a series of portraits taken of local women in a scenario in which they feel powerful. The outdoor photographic gallery can be found at various locations around the University of Bradford campus. 

Welcome to Goma

Welcome to Goma is a 360 VR installation, where we invite audiences of all ages to climb onto a customised static pedal bike, don a virtual reality headset and experience the thrill of being within the peloton of Goma Cycle Club. Welcome to Goma introduces you to Goma CC - a cycle group in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The installation is a celebration of the universality of cycling and the thrill of the open road on two wheels.

Hopelessly Devoted

Hopelessly Devoted is an intimate audio story for one. Created by Jenny Gaskell and performed with Chris Thorpe. This telephone audio installation is inspired by the time Jenny developed a hot and heavy crush on the telephone voice of her universal credit consultant. Hopelessly Devoted is a quest to find connection. It is a semi-autobiographical story unpicking sexual culture. Content warning: This piece contains swearing throughout as well as references to sex and abuse. It is recommended for a +12yrs audience.

Illustration and graphic design by María Salgado @salgada