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Science… in pint-sized portions


Pint of Science festival poster 2

Can we use lasers to find life on Mars? What is ‘art-science’? And what has neuroscience got to do with weight loss?

If you seek answers to these (and many other questions), then you may want to buy a ticket for one of the talks being delivered by University of Bradford scientists at the UK’s largest science festival.

Pint of Science runs from May 9 to 11, at venues across the University and city, including The Sweet Centre, Theatre in the Mill, The Delius Arts & Cultural Centre, and the National Science & Media Museum.

Subjects for talks in Bradford include shortsightedness and why is it becoming more common, how the body heals wounds, and how AI will help us explore space.

Dr Ritchie Williamson, from the University of Bradford’s School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, said: “This is the first time Bradford has taken part in the festival. If you’re even remotely interested in science, these in-person events are well worth going to. It’s a way of showcasing science in a way people can engage with it.”

The three-day festival will see events in more than 25 countries and hundreds of cities around the world. Each night will provide a unique line up of talks, demonstrations and live experiments held in a relaxed and informal environment.

Alongside the main talks, this year audiences will go head-to-head in a multi-city pub quiz. Teams in each venue compete against others across the city as they tackle a series of science-themed questions.

The Bradford festival also includes Creative Reactions, a programme where artists and scientists partner to inspire each other and produce incredible artworks inspired by scientists’ research.

Book your tickets here.