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University to mark LGBT+ History month with slate of events


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University of Bradford events hopes to 'inspire and educate'

The University of Bradford will host a series of events throughout February to mark LGBT+ History Month, beginning with an introductory event this evening (Monday February 1).

Organisers hope the online LGBT+ sessions will serve as a beacon of hope to anyone in the community who is afraid, confused or depressed, in addition to helping educate people in general about related issues.

Events will include:-

  • Section 28 Then and Now: An overview of Section 28 and how it is still relevant (Tuesday February 9, noon-1pm)
  • When is a bisexual not a bisexual (never!): exploring some myths and realities of what it means to be a bisexual (Friday February 12, noon-1pm)
  • LGBT+ parenting: a look at parenting and what to do if a child identifies as LGBT+ (Tuesday February 23, 7pm-8pm)
  • Spirituality & Faith: a discussion of how both intersect with LGBT+ people (Tuesday February 16, noon-1pm)
  • Myth busting: hosted by Dr Jack Lopez, Lecturer in Health and Society at the University of Bradford, which will discuss myths and misinformation about trans, non-binary and queer bodies, barriers to health care and ‘being a better ally’ (Wednesday February 24, 1pm-2pm)

Marian Hilditch, Deputy Academic Registrar and chair of the LGBT+ Network, said she hoped the events would be inspirational and educational.

“This is the first year we have something on this scale. It’s significant because the absence of it sends the wrong message. It’s also about raising awareness. The LGBT+ community has gone through a lot over the years. Some people may think there are no more issues to address but this is not the case.”

She added: “It’s also about sending out a message that our University is an inclusive and welcoming place, a safe place. Whereas Pride month in June is more of a celebration, LGBT+ History Month is more of a reflective, educational event.

“We’re keenly aware that more progress needs to be made and that there are people out there who are suffering both mentally and otherwise, whether that’s from verbal or physical attacks or depression. This event is about saying to them, you’re not alone and we’re here to help.”