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Hardship fund enables students to keep studying


Over £31,000 has been raised through an emergency hardship appeal launched by the University of Bradford.

Bradford students have given moving accounts of how the University’s hardship fund helped them during the pandemic.

The fund was bolstered this year by an appeal which raised an additional £31,000 from 272 donors to help students with rent, buy food and other needs.

Here are some of their stories...

Laiba Zaman Rehman, School of Chemistry and Biosciences, BSc Biomedical Science

“I am one of the students who received a grant. I just want to explain how thankful I am, I don't have enough words to express it. The fund helped me when I most needed it. I lost hope, thinking I [would] probably have to quit university because of the changing circumstances of my family, and the difficulties they were going through. But thanks to the grant, I could finally pay my rent and have some extra money. So, I can [now] manage to stay until May and finish [the] academic year. I would just like to say that I and my family are very thankful.”

Nika Figat , Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, BA Graphics for Games

"When my family was suddenly hit with my father's job loss, my mother's sickness and the passing of a close family member, it was especially hard to find funds for my rent and food. Due to the financial struggle, I was considering leaving university to return to my home country and support my family through the hard times. My parents did not want to admit it but my stay in the United Kingdom was financially difficult for them at that period and the last thing I have wanted was to become a burden. The [hardship fund] was what helped me through the hard moments. Studying in England always has been a huge dream of mine and I am grateful it was not killed because of financial reasons.”

Muhammad Jawad Nazeer

“I hadn't enough money to purchase a laptop or even for food during the pandemic. We faced a loss in our business in my home country, and here I lost my part time job due to lockdown after [just] three days. I just want to say thank you to the University of Bradford for supporting me in this difficult situation. Thank you Bradford.”

Michael Westfield, PhD student at the University of Bradford

Michael Westfield, PhD

“The student support fund has been an invaluable resource that definitely helped my academic progress. By providing financial support through a challenging transitional phase between work and alternative sources of funding for further study (during lockdown), I consider the student support as an integral factor for my recent success in transferring to PhD.”


Ahmedsafi Abduselam Hajiali , School of Social Sciences, (BA International Relations, Politics and Security Studies)

“As one of the beneficiaries of this grant, I would like to thank the University and its donors and the Government for their efforts in supporting me and my family. The support was a big relief during a financially difficult time. It helped me to focus on my studies. Again, thank you very much for your support.”