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‘Choose to Challenge’ theme for International Women’s Day in Bradford


Professor Udy Archibong

International Women's Day events themed around 'choice' and 'challenging stereotypes'

International Women's Day events themed around 'choice' and 'challenging stereotypes'

University of Bradford will mark International Women’s Day with a series of events and prominent keynote speakers including the leader of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, the former CEO of WHSmith (and current University Chancellor) and Director of Litigation in the Government’s legal department.

There will also be addresses from a host of other dignitaries, including entrepreneurs and academics and many areas of the University of Bradford campus will be illuminated in purple to mark the day.

Professor Udy Archibong, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) said: “I celebrate amazing women in my life every day. In addition, I choose International Women’s Day as an extraordinary day to amplify my celebration of women's achievements, raise awareness about women's equality and call on all to be intentional in challenging stereotypes and biases that hold women back.”

Messages can be replayed on social media using #ChoosetoChallenge

Events on March 8 include:-

10.30am to 12.30pm: Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid-19 world

Panel discussion including Ms Kate Swann (former CEO of WHSmith and current Chancellor of the University of Bradford), Professor Shirley Congdon (Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford), Professor Udy Archibong (Pro Vice-Chancellor of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), Mrs Kersten England, CBE (CEO of Bradford Council), Ms Samera Shabir (UBU Student Affairs Sabbatical Officer)
Neurodiversity and Gender – The Underdiagnosis of Neurodivergence in Women and Girls
Dr Emma Brown, Co-Chair of the NeuroDivergent Staff Network, Creating a Gender Equality Climate at the University of Bradford via Athena Swan, Ms Kath Bridger, Dr Elaine Brown, Dr Carlton Reeve, Dr Julie Prowse, Dr Chris Gaffney and Dr Amizan Omar. Further information and registration, click here.

5pm to 6.30pm: Your Career Journey, Leadership and Emotional Resilience

This International Women’s Day 2021 lecture is organised by the School of Law, University of Bradford, to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of Mel Nebhrajani CB, a woman lawyer and Director of litigation in the Government Legal Department. Her lecture entitled Your Career Journey, Leadership, and Emotional Resilience will reflect on her experiences in a way that inspires law students and professionals from diverse backgrounds:
(a) to achieve their potentials
(b) sensitize them to the opportunities available to them in the current environment
(c) advise them on the knowledge and skills that they require to maximize these
opportunities. Further information and registration, click here.

6pm to 7.30pm: International Women’s Day: Lessons from entrepreneurial journeys

This special Knowledge Transfer Network event puts the spotlight on two successful female entrepreneurs who are part of the University of Bradford School of Management community. Sharon Jandu and Sonya Bachra-Byrne are both Executive MBA students at the University, in addition to being successful entrepreneurs who have received numerous rewards and recognition for their work. In this event, we will hear about their entrepreneurial career journeys, including the challenges encountered along the way and how they have been overcome. They will reflect on their experiences and offer their advice for others who are considering entrepreneurial ventures but yet to take that step.
Further information and registration, click here.

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