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Bradford eye experts collaborate with gaming giant


The University of Bradford is working with computer gaming giant MSI to investigate the effect using a curved screen can have on eye health.

The School of Optometry & Vision Science at the University are collaborating with MSI, looking at the digital eye strain of gamers using two different MSI monitors.

The study involves asking participants to play a video game on the different screens on different days with vision checks taking place before and after they play. These checks include an assessment of vision, low contrast clarity, the ability to focus at near tasks, a scan of the back and front of the eye and an assessment of the quality and quantity of tears.

“I think it’s important that we investigate screen use, and new technologies such as curved screens” says Dr Ghorbani Mojarrad, Lecturer in Optometry and lead on the study. “What will be interesting is whether people’s preference will correlate with the effects on eye health, and whether the shape of a screen can reduce the impact of prolonged screen time.”

The results from the study will be released in September 2021, with Dr Ghorbani Mojarrad hoping they inspire further research in this area. “After the covid-19 pandemic we know screen use has increased by 61% with more people gaming and working from home and screen use in the future only likely to increase. The ability to use technology to try and avoid or reduce symptoms of any eye problems would be amazing.”

Co-investigators on the study were Dr Matthew Cufflin and Dr Lindsay Rountree both from the University of Bradford