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Supporting men with eating disorders better


Dr Russell Delderfield from the University of Bradford has contributed to a new self-help guide for parents, carers and friends of people with eating disorders.

Russell’s area of research is male eating disorders and in this chapter he explores how to better support males with eating disorders including the language that parents or carers should use when addressing the issue.

The book by Lynn Crilly, titled “Hope with eating disorders” includes up-to-date case studies, stats and research on the topic. It is a practical, supportive guide for anyone helping someone with an eating disorder be they a family member, teacher, sports coach, workplace colleague or friend.

Russell, who has published a book on Male Eating Disorders, is a leading voice on how men should be better supported and how their experiences don’t always match up with the perception of a person suffering with an eating disorder.

Russell has worked with over 40 men’s stories to capture their experiences of living with an eating disorder and uses these testimonies to suggest ways healthcare and counselling could be improved.

Russell said: “Whilst things are gradually changing, understanding men in their own words is more important than ever before if we are to make a difference to men and their families when they reach out for help. Treatments and services only work if they respond to the individual; this means all aspects of that person, including their gender. This is why I believe that studying male eating disorders in the context of masculinity is vital.”

February 25 – March 3 is Eating Disorders Awareness week which is an international awareness event, fighting the myths and misunderstandings that surround anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and EDNOS.

More information on Lynn’s book.

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