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Funding creates new exchange opportunities


The University of Bradford has secured £1m funding from Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility for study and internships abroad for students and staff.

Erasmus+ offers students and staff the opportunity to travel abroad and spend time studying or teaching in partner institutions or undertaking placements with organisations.  

With the £1m that has been secured, the University is able to fund students to study at institutions or carry out internships in Jordan, China, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Palestine, Canada, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Switzerland.  

The funding allows students to go to a range of institutions, including Wuhan University of Technology, University of Petroleum, Saint Petersburg State University, University of Jordan, University of Cairo and Hebron University. Please see below for a full list of Universities. 

This bid will support the University of Bradford’s strategy to provide financial support to students to study and undertake internships abroad. There are currently 221 students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds who have a high level of academic performance that take up this opportunity each academic year. 

The University of Bradford first received funding for exchanges outside of Europe in 2018, enabling 57 studentsto to go abroad over a two-year period. The University has managed to implement 35 of these so far.  

Nadia is an Erasmus student from the University of Cairo, Egypt, who spent time in Bradford as part of the scheme.  

The University of Bradford is one of the few UK Universities offering Home, EU and International students funded opportunities abroad. This includes study placements, internships and short international programmes. 

These opportunities are available during term time and the summer break for current students, as well as for recent graduates. The number of students applying to go abroad is increasing and 221 students applied in 2018/19, as opposed to 127 in 2017/18. One reason for this is due to the positive impact it can have on future career prospects. 

There are several other benefits for students who spend time abroad during their degree, including them being more likely to obtain a first-class or upper second-class degree when compared to students who don’t spend time abroad and an improved cultural, social and political understanding. 

The new funding will allow the University of Bradford to send 213 participants abroad in the next two academic years, which will represent an increase of 48% of participants going abroad when compared to the current academic year. 

The International Opportunities Team will be running workshops at the start of the next academic year, to give students the opportunity to find out more information about the scheme.  

Additionally, between the 21 October and 25 October 2019, the University of Bradford will welcome 50 delegates from the partner universities referred below for the 1st Erasmus+ International Staff Week to discuss partnerships, employability and student engagement.  

During this week, a Study Abroad Fair will be held in the Richmond Building Atrium to give students and staff the opportunity to engage with partners and explore opportunities. 

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